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Hey since this has an innate fire element does that mean you can't change its elements with blood gems?
The fire element will remain when transformed, but you can add (with proper gems) other damages from different elements like Arcane and Bolt. For instance: you can get some best cursed gems that improves: 1° effect, phy. dmg +23,9%; 2° positive effect, add Bolt dmg +13,5; and 3°effect the negative one. In this case, in normal mode you deal phy. dmg + bolt dmg (due to the gem). In transformed mode, you deal phy. dmg, fire dmg and bolt dmg. Anyway, I suggest using phy. and fire dmg only.
Yeah. Only fire. It's like the arcane damage on BoM. You can't change.
This weapon has the fastest charge R2 for quick viscerals


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no it doesnt
Common mistake. It does charge faster, but the attack itself is slow so the sum of its parts isn't faster than other weapons.
ok boomer
I say this after every ignited charged R2. 10/10 would boom again
Whenever I attack I say "Hammer go boom boom"
"Yeah so there's giant wolf people tearing everyone to shreds, ancient eldrich horrors that the Church decided to summon because they were high, and the risk of being randomly pulled into a nightmare realm to be tormented forever, anyway here's an exploding hammer and some edgy clothes, good luck buddy" -Powder Kegs, probably
Does this hammer increase front visceral attacks when it s ignited?
I doubt it. As im pretty sure that visceral attacks do not scale to your weapon, as they are to do with your pure strength and/or skill. Hence you always using your fist, unlike in DS where you use the weapon in hand.
Only Skill increases viscereal. Weapon is meaningless.
Aha rune also makes it stronger.
I went to the 8i29rqz3 dungeon and the messengers didn’t have any weapons, let alone the boom hammer
If you haven't picked up the normal one in the dlc first, you cannot get the uncanny or lost version.
I used to think of this as a second-tier weapon, but just now playing with a perfect build for this and holy ******* this thing is an absolute beast. Crush them and burn them indeed.
What build are you using?
An important thing to know about this weapon is that the charged R2, when buffed with the L1, has some seriously obnoxious phantom range in a radius around the place of bonk, being about 50% further outside of its visual effect (tho I feel it may be way more than that). This, paired with its innately long reach, means you can simply out-space enemies like no other weapon in the game
Big Boom Hammer.
What else could you possibly ask for? It explodes stuff.
Fun weapon.