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Honestly this guy was a challenge and a half. Wear Henryk's set with the Gold Ardeo headpiece (not a bad fashion by the way) and use the normal Sawspear with best fire enhancing gems as fire deals much more damage to beasts (gems I had were...
Cursed Fire Damp Blood Gem (4): Fire ATK UP +20.6% / ATK vs kin DOWN -9.3%

Cursed Noirishing Damp Blood Gem (6): ATK UP +19.3% / Add phys ATK +8.1 / Increased stamina cost 2.9%

Fire Damp Blood Gem (5): Fire ATK UP +13.7% / HP continues to recover +1).

Keep a lock on his head. Try to get one strike up front and dodge slightly to the forward left while he does a swipe (works for both stages as his head shifts toward his attacking arm), then try to connect two more attacks while under his head before he leaps away. Also try and be aggressive when he runs, running towards him but waiting for him to attack first. It's best to try and dodge through his charged explosions, and with a little practice this is very possible. Just be sure to unlock the camera before you dodge it.

You will have to run away at times, and be sure to be careful when doing so. The set of armor I wore mitigated the bolt damage by about 60 or 70% more (than the Tomb Prospector Hood, Executioner Robes, Gascoigne's Gloves, and Black Church Trousers). Also the bolts from his claw swipes will do basically nothing as they deal only minor bolt damage. Maybe 30 HP at closest range to the claws but they will stagger you. The most damage you can receive is if you're caught in his explosion or the bolts caused by his second stage slam combo.

Best runes to use are Clockwise Metamorphosis, Communion, Dissipating Lake (for pure bolt defense though may substitute for Blood Rapture if going for viscerally when it's downed), and Radiance so you can take more of a beating before having to heal.
after gettig slapped around like ***** by this fugly *****, i used the transformed ludwig holy sword and timed, charged it with r2 and hit his snoot and then visceral his sorry *** to kingdom come.
This dude looks exactly like the suspicious beggar after he transforms could be something significant to the lore
Sorry friend! I can see the confusion, Loran Darkbeast is a version of a different boss, (Darkbeast Paarl in Hypogeon Gaol.) The Suspicious Beggar turns into the boss, 'Abhorrent Beast'. Both use lightning so I can see the confusion though. Happy Hunting!
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until you learn how to limb cycle, you'll be feeling it from dank beast karl
He dropped Blood Rock, Bolt Abyssal Blood Gem and Lower Ailing Loran Root Chalice.
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