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"Because of the skull in The Grand Cathedral, the Headless Bloodletting Beast was once speculated to be Laurence, an apprentice of Master Willem and the founder of the Healing Church. This turns out to be not the case." Fix this. The theory still holds up, and is even supported by the headless bloodletting beast, as the body is being possessed by a parasite but the host, Laurence, is obviously dead, allowing him to take on a new symbolic form in the Nightmare.
Check out the old hunters dlc bosses homie
It doesn’t hold up on account of Laurence’s skull being both in the Grand Cathedral and the Hunter’s Nightmare, plus Laurence is the final boss of the DLC
laurence is an optional boss not the final boss of the dlc.
Laurence in the nightmare is not real Laurence but curse of his soul.



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It doesn't hold up on account of it not being true.
People are still really desperate for this theory to be true, huh?
the headless version being inhabited by a centipede is super reminiscent of the immortal bosses in sekiro. probably no actual lore connection but it's cool to see the prototype of that design choice in this game.
They're both inspired by the manga, movie, and anime "Blade of the Immortal"s blood worms which perpetually heal their host's body and prevent aging.
I love how he spam jumps into the walls
The theory 'bout this boss being Laurence still holds, because in Nightmare we see represintation of Laurence souls, not actual Laurence himself. This is his body possessed by centipede, while his soul is in Nightmare.
The nightmare is more or less a sister universe to the real world, since the descriptions and characters talk about being trapped there instead of being projected there. The hunters are trapped, and likely so is laurence. Besides, you find his skull in the nightmare
Found in fetid/rotted ailing Loran root chalice level two, the dungeon I made had both an uncanny tonitrus and a lost rifle spear
His slam attack might as well be him doing the worm all over the arena because the hitbox is massive
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That's rough, buddy.
Stage 2: anger
I didn't understand your anger at first but now I do. He kills me at least 10 times I was swearing like hell at the screen.
This isn't Laurence and Epstein didn't kill himself
Doing the chalices for the first time and I died to him so many times trying to use Beastcutter +8 with fire gems, thinking it was the best way with his serrated and fire weaknesses. Gave up and went back to my +9 Axe and killed him first try. To be fair, by that point I was getting much better at dodging his attacks, but I feel like if enemies/bosses are going to have weaknesses, using weapons that exploit that weakness should be a bigger advantage. Instead it was holding me back. Maybe it was just the Axe being faster to swipe with though...
Regular form: Dang you poor thing, I'm going to put you down for mercy. Headless form: GEEZ! You poor thing! Let me end your suffering. Vermin head: "Vermin writhe deep within all filth, and are the root of man's impurity. All vermin are to be crushed. The League exists to expunge all vermin, ridding us of any trace of human corruption. And so, until we are rid of all vermin, you must continue to hunt and kill. This bloody fate is ours alone. Do not expect the world to grasp our work..."