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Disables use of coldblood dew, the consumables that give you blood echoes. they all gave the error sound when trying to use them, then after i switched out this rune, i was able to use them again.
That's a bug. Been an executioner for 4 play through's now and never had that happen.
LOL I hope that's a bug, otherwise no one will be a good blood in BB.

Not one soul.
Is that Illuminati or Bill Cipher?
This comment is cancer in its purest form.
What if you killed Alfred in his second loca before killing anilisa
Alfred body not there, he's killed the queen, I got roar but he's not where he's suppose be at the alter near forbidden woods entrance, any ideas?
He's at the first location you meet him, by chapel where you find the entrance to Old Yharnam.
This Rune Is***** (as if no one noticed this)
So I picked up the radiance rune from Alfred's body but the item was still showing. I picked it up again checked my inventory and i have two radiance runes??? Anyone else had this?
**** **** mate be sure to not get reported for cheating or from might lock you out of the online
The amount of HP recovered is 2% of the amount recovered from blood vial, which means, an additional 2% of 40% of full HP (not an additional 2% of full HP), therefore the total recovery of each blood vial with radiance rune should be 0.4*1.02=0.408, or 40.8%, not 42% of full HP.
ah now I get it. The whole thing with the pyramid. The all seeing eye.