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Is it me ? because i am at the messengers but they don't sell the weapons
It still doesn't have the info for rally after all this time fextra is a mistake
If you look closely, it appears that the "club" part of the weapon is formed from the Amygdala's spine and a sort of carapace, with the pelvis acting as the pommel. The chunky top portion of the weapon has a few holes on its sides, indicating where more arms would have been attached. The shape of the club, excluding the arm, closely resembles the hunched brain-like statues and lanterns that appear throughout the Healing Church, as well as the statues that line the path to Byrgenwerth. Meanwhile, the claw at the end of its arm reminds of the sickle-like limbs of Rom's children. Who would have thought that a baby would make such a great weapon?
Because it has arcane damage natively, it cannot be buffed with fire paper, bolt paper, or the empty phantasm shell.
It's not alive. The muscles in it just react because of the nerf stimulation through the sudden movement of the weapon. It's a reflex. Same thing happens when the doctor hits us with the little hammer at the knee and we kick in response unwillingly.
So my leg is a trick weapon?
well it's not alive, until the charged R2 makes it flail like crazy that is
"the hand quivers AS IF it were still alive." So thanks for that useless addition of a comment
Did none of you guys take english, this dude is right as if means simulating something. If a a tree sways back and forth someone can say the tree sways back and forth as if it were doing a dance. Its not literally doing a dance. Look into the saying as if further before saying the arm is alive. Another example: a student says to another student who didn't study hey you are going to pass the test for sure! Hahaha as if.
There's something extremely satisfying about smashing enemies with this thing... maybe I am a madman, heh
This weapon is surprisingly powerful in both forms on a 50str/25arc build. I rarely get parried in pvp because it is so uncommon and the range is long enough to keep pressure on. The club mode works for a semi-high dps spam on bosses, but its too short for regular mobbing.


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Normal, there is no PvP
Can you put fire jems on it ?
Crazy fun weapon and the range on that thing pretty sweet.
Fully charged R2 followed by another R2 brings a smile to my face.
Chicking wing from hell