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NG+5, A Call From Beyond with 90 in Arcane deals about 2000 damage per hit on Laurence (sometime more and sometime less). Using this strategy, you trigger the first and the second phase quickly (I suggest equipping Clawmark rune to get the best for your visceral attack). However, you must take your distance, learning the right time to use it. If not, you'll die. Besides, I noticed new moves from Laurence during the fight than literally surprised me. When I was on NG or NG+, this boss wasn't so terrible (ok he was a tough guy, but manageable). But from NG+2 to now (NG+5), he becomes by far more aggressive. Neither Ludwig or the Orphan are so difficult. I have no doubts: Laurence is the toughest boss of Bloodborne.
Finally got him -
Just beat it first time on NG+ after 40-50 tries , that was so **** intense ! this game is great
My tactic was moonblade shot in the head and stagger.In third phase he is slowly and distance attacks save youre life.
Why are the recommended strats using fire paper? Laurence resists fire like crazy.
I'd just lie to say I f#ck!n hate this m&therf%cker. What a f@ck!n p!ece of sh$t3. I'm so p!ss3d right now. I don't remember a more annoying fight in Demon's Souls, Dark Souls or Dark Souls 2. Possibily, Dark Souls 2. That one had quite a few annoying battles. But, Laurence, jesus christ, dude. Anyway, just wanted to vent out the frustration. On my way to my tenth attempt, but first I'll just chill. Again, f#ck you, Laurence, you bloody b@st@rd!!!
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Yeah but he's nowhere near as bad as the orphan though
Fugg this giant flaming cancer.
Okay i see the strategies but do you have one for ng+2? I just want the damn beast rune without making a new character and getting the beast claw again
I found that Simon’s Bowblade made this fight so much easier than any other weapon and I didn’t even do the bowblade strategy listed in this wiki. The bowblade’s normal attacks are deceptively quick and don’t take up much stamina. So for the first two phases I just dodged in, got in two or three hits. and then dodged back to recharge stamina.

Then when he reached his third phase all I had to do was keep my distance and do charged R2 shots with the bow. His third phase is way more dangerous up close than it is far away. So there’s no need to worry about his stun locking crawl or having attacks interrupted by stepping into a lava puddle. All I needed to do is dodge the occasional lava spew. I had plenty of time in the world to land charged shots and empty my quicksilver bullet supply into him until he died.


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My favorite thing about this boss is the way his move animations make him look like he's throwing a tantrum cause you woke him up.