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It's a shame this thing will always be slightly outclassed by the chikage in terms of blood ATK, feels like with its slightly slower nature this should have the slight upperhand in damage.
it has less raw blood attack but better multipliers, but also cant get a circle slot. with full offslots, this thing outclasses a like-gemmed chikage by about 15% damage ontop of having a better moveset and then the nuke L2. good luck getting offslots though, thousands and thousands of runs on byza over the past few years and I have only ever seen one, and it roll with -atk and low blood attack, and was waning.


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Chikage will have (4/180)*(1+1.1)*0.85*1.315*1.315*1.315, about 9% more blood ATK with 50 bloodtinge. Adding the 9% on to the moveset modifier of Chikage and you will find both have similar output(Bloodletter work even better before farming all the best gems).


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correction, (4/180)*(1+1.1*0.85)*1.315*1.315*1.315
Build potential for the bloodletter with 3 27.2% gems if anyone ever wants to know.

Strength 30 (gatling gun/cannon work very well with this weapon) gives 581 AR on the one handed mace, at 50 strength this jumps to 685 with no skill scaling involved. The one handed mace is extremely strong and it will tear single enemies apart which is the ideal use because it has short range but much faster attacks)

Bloodtinge 50 has an AR of 716 in transformed mode (about 745 if anybody ever manages to farm a triangle 31.5 blood gem or wants a comparison to the chikage) I only began this set up after reaching 50 BT so I don't have numbers for lower amounts.

Crazy weapon overall.
The bloodletters death animation is haunting, the way it stands up vertical as the hunter dies is almost like a symbol of it's evil. Even if this might be unintentional it still gives off a very dark feel about the weapon and how it corrupts it's user.
How many Saw scrubs got hatemail levels mad because their R1 spamming, best weapons in the games couldn't beat this thing.

This thing is one of the biggest reasons why all hunters need to have sedatives on ready at all times, and that's the way it should be.
Pretty sure this counts as serrated cos my stats say my chikage doing more dmg but in actual boss fight this doing more
It's possibly because the Bloodletter has better damage multipliers. The listed damage is the base for the weapon, and each attack has a certain specific multiplier (R1s usually around 1x while uncharged R2s are around 1.5x, etc,) The Bloodletter has a lot of attacks that are 1.4x or 1.5x, while the equivalent Chikage attacks are like 1.29x. This isn't very huge, so the other thing to consider is that the game doesn't actually compute blood damage for you, it still shows the regular damage in your stat screen even if you have the weapons transformed. Add up the blood damage manually for each weapon and see if Chikage is still doing better...


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Can the untransformed mode be buffed like the reiterpallasch with the empty phantasm shell?
No, it can not be buffed with the Empty Phantasm Shell in either form
So, what does the frenzy damage on the transformed l2 scale off? Total AR? BLT? STR? Insight? Or is it a static value?
The weapon only frenzies the user on the L2, not your enemies. It's a balancing mechanic to avoid spam of this incredibly powerful move.
I find this weapon to be a bit underwhelming compared to the other DLC weapons. It's not a bad weapon, but it just doesn't stand out too much in its abilities. For example, the transformed version looks like a giant spiked mace, but it has weak stun ability for some reason, seemingly no better than the one handed version. Mid-to-large size enemies barely flinch when you hit them with it. The only exception is the downward slam attacks, but those only start on your third R1 which can be hard to find an opening for. It has a bit of a weird swing arc, one that covers more area on your left than your right. The charged R2 has a bit of AoE at the end of it, but charges slower than almost all other weapons. The L2 is basically a worse version of the Kos Parasite's L2 because it causes frenzy to yourself, meaning to use it you either have to waste a rune slot for increased frenzy resist or you have to limit yourself to certain fashion options with high frenzy resist. The transform attack also causes damage to you. These drawbacks would make sense if it did a lot of damage or something, but the damage is just OK. I will say that I found it to be the best weapon for fighting Ludwig just because the weird angles and such tend to hit him more easily than other weapons. Other than that, it's a pretty average weapon.
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