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I'm rather confused at this npc. I've summoned him twice now for Ludwig and both times he's clipped through the floor. A good 10-15 seconds later I'll get the notice he died. Is this a common glitch or something? I'm not really seeing anything on it.
This happened to me as well, when I summoned him for Laurence, the First Vicar boss fight. When Laurence slam him to the ground, he vanished. This happens when Valtr is trapped in a corner. Really annoying.
valtr is best boye.
Valtr is a freaking beast. In my ng+ cycle he killed ludwig with a visceral attack. Can't say the same against laurance. Valtr went in the lava and died. Still thinking that laurance isn't that strong. I beat him at the first attempt. The orphan is such more hard
i beat orphan first try and laurence took me like 30 attempts to kill.
At your service, great Master...
The League FTW \o/
Treat Master with care, wondrous co-operator
I have a strange issue...I was trying to summon Valtr for the Laurence battle and realized I suddenly could not do so. Reloaded, still not working. Traveled to the forbidden woods and his helmet was in the exact location he normally stands, and the hunter attacked me when I tried to exit. I killed him and reloaded, Valtr is still gone. Returned to the DLC, he still cannot be summoned. I want to add that I did not kill more than two Vermin, so I have no idea what happened. I heard him say some dialogue I've not heard before, but I can't remember what it was. Did Valtr somehow die?
you have to change your covenant to the confederate one otherwise he wont help you
I actually felt terrible after killing him to get the Madaras Whistle since he was such a badass character and helped me with Ludwig.