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I'm rather confused at this npc. I've summoned him twice now for Ludwig and both times he's clipped through the floor. A good 10-15 seconds later I'll get the notice he died. Is this a common glitch or something? I'm not really seeing anything on it.
This happened to me as well, when I summoned him for Laurence, the First Vicar boss fight. When Laurence slam him to the ground, he vanished. This happens when Valtr is trapped in a corner. Really annoying.
valtr is best boye.
Valtr is a freaking beast. In my ng+ cycle he killed ludwig with a visceral attack. Can't say the same against laurance. Valtr went in the lava and died. Still thinking that laurance isn't that strong. I beat him at the first attempt. The orphan is such more hard
i beat orphan first try and laurence took me like 30 attempts to kill.