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I was being dumb and I killed the hunter of hunters to get the Blade of Mercy early. I realized I **** up after reading this. I guess I will have to wait for NG+2 In order to kill him.
It's just NG+.
You can actually summon Alfred in Central Yharnam, after you kill the blood-starved beast. It's a pain to get him to the tomb of Oedon, but it makes the fight much easier.
I already entered forbidden woods then I red this so no Blade of mercy now or what
You can still get it, you just have to murder Eileen at the Grand Cathedral, then it should be available for sale in the Messenger's Bath.
Last time I fought him I killed Eileen (on purpose during his fight) and he started to talk
He isn't the corpse in yellow garments. The corpse is there even as you fight Henryk.
Ok so I just managed to do this first try, amazingly. After reading all this, I was pretty sure I was gonna get my***** pushed in and fail and Eileen would be dead and everything. So I tried visceraling him + a charged attack from transformed weapon. It worked but did like no damage, so I was panicking at that point. Then Eileen comes in and at first she didn't do anything, I used the Gascoigne strategy with the tombstones which was working well, I got him down to probabbly 1/2 health. Then he realized that this was now 2v1 instead of 1v1 and goes after Eileen and I used poison knives and my pistol as covering fire while Eileen laid into him and I had to kite him around a bit but he went down before I knew it. Overall, it was heart-pounding but not as difficult as I thought it would be after reading all this.
Easy way to win is just let Eileen agro him then do a fully charged heavy. He would shoot me once afterwards, I'd heal, then I'd do another fully charged heavy. Pretty easy to get a visceral this way also.
I've never felt so ashamed of myself more then when I just watched Eileen die to him. Almost tempted to start my game over.
It's very unlikely Henryk is related by blood to either Gascoigne or his wife. Henryk is black, whereas Viola, Gascoigne and the presumable older daughter are white. (You never see the little girl from the beginning, but considering her family she must be white as well. )
Please disregatd my earlier statement I'm just a racist idiot
Henryk is insanely cool. I was having trouble with Shadow of Yharnam boss on NG+ and couldn't find friends who still play this game so I summoned Henryk to fight with me. Henryk went after the sword and fireball guy leaving me with candle man (I don't know their names). Im underlevelled for someone on NG+ (did bare minimun last time) so it took a while to finish candle guy off. After Candle man died and the were all Meduas-snake-thingies, Henryk was able to get Sword guy done to half. Me and Henryk finshed him off together and we were both in one shot range (Don't know if NPCs can exhaust their blood vials but he didn't heal after swordfighter). We ganged up and Fireball man and at the same time finished him off with a Heavy slash attack. Now there is a giant hole in my heart that cant be filled because Eileen (and partially me) killed him.