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Found the +3 version of the rune in a chest in Iosefka's Clinic, going left from the rooftop entryway.
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Chalice Glyph: pmiqq34b

Rune is in Layer 1 side room. There's also a Formless Oedon Rune in layer 3 (+5 QS Bullets).


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what are the requirements for this dungeon glyph?


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This Glyph still active?
Thank You Very Much ^^
Many months later, thank you!
Thank you so much!



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JANUARY 18th 2017- Glyph still active. Confirme: finished and cleared this Chalice yesterday and found both Communion and Formless Odeon Runes.
The latter took some time to find it wis in the very lre boss sideroom before the final layer boss after unlocking the door.
Very challenging intense Chalice. Thankfully bosses are fair
i found in grand cathedral once locked door opens in odeon chapel take elevator and its in chest behind wheelchair guy
communion +5 on layer 3 ( aa2id5rx ) sinister pthumera ihyll .
layer1 has a lost reiterpalast, didnt find anything on 2. on layer 3 i found 3x great one's wisdom (runes or weapons?) and the communion +5 rune.
Chalice dungeon depth 5 seed for the +5: us9ueybe, along with a Formless Oedon +5 and a Heir +3, one in each layer.
us9ueybe no longer active
I have a +4 too, but can't remember where I got it (you find soo many Runes all the time...).
bnjb9aap layer 2 side dungeon guaranteed tier 5 communion
I have a +4 One.
I got a +4 one from the Celestial Emissary



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Glyph pmiqq34b
Includes Communion +5 in Layer 1 Side Room (before Boss iirc).
Also includes Formless Odeon +5 (Quicksilver Bullets)! The Formless Odeon is found at the very end of the Chalice - Layer 3 -after unlocking the door - Pre-Boss Side Room.
The Chalice is depth 5 FRC cursedPthumeru Ilyh. Very interesting layout. Layer 1 and 3 are exceptionally challenging with Layer 3 being very large.
Fair bosses all human-like:
Keeper of the Old Lords.
Beast Possessed Soul.
Pthumurian Elder.
Great Chunk potential and lots of powerful Cursed gems from regular enemy mob and bosses. Bring Eye Runes.
Lots of Sinister Bell ringers watch out!!!
Communion +5 in found in Chalice Glyph: hud4yhr6 Also, the highest level Oedon Writhe is in the same dungeon.
Here’s some trivia for ya:

- The rune is displayed prominently on signage in the Research Hall.
- A depiction of the rune appears on the sealed gate in the Cathedral Ward, and shows two figures standing about a chalice that is being filled with liquid released from a floating orb. This orb may represent the moon, and the chalice refers to the Holy Chalices used to reveal the Tomb of the Gods.
- Possibly appears on the large pendant worn by Mergo’s Wet Nurse.
- The face of the Moon Presence is pocked with four holes—three small ones surrounding the largest, central cavity. They seem to line up with this rune.
- “Communion: a True Story” is the title of a famous novel written by ufologist Whitley Strieber, recounting tales of supposed close encounters with extraterrestrial beings of superior intelligence. The cover illustration of the novel depicts an alien’s face whose physiognomy may have played a part in the design of this rune.

That’s all I got for this one.
+5 Odeon in a Ihyll root chalice FDC off room prior to first boss, also +5 communion off first side room: sph2z8bi
Many thanks for the glyphs, everyone.
Sinister ihyll layer 2 pre boss sf4j4nia