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can me and my friend fight this boss together without the bell glitch taking place?


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This fight is incredibly fun on NG+ with both summons.
This was such a hard fight for me that mage kept one shotting me and his buddy's arrow so aggressive its annoying the only fight so far that's required more then 2 deaths.
This boss is a joke if you use both summons. I killed mage first, then katana, then the last one. Took maybe two minutes.
This is a fav fight in the game. It honestly not even that bad of a ganks is you kite them well & if you leave the mage as the last since you can punish his magic super easy
The strategy names are beyond edgelord stupid.
Too true. I can't tell if it is poor attempts at humor or active efforts to muddy enjoyment for the game, but crass headings and ineptly written sections are common themes across the whole wiki. This site seems to strive to mislead/troll players more than guide them; the levels of asininity are baffling. Bloodborne, though not fresh, remains a fairly active and popular game, so this website merits professional maintenance.
Happy feet mofos!!!
Umm.. I used both summon first try and.. is this a joke??
Beast Blood Pellets make this fight much easier, combined with Bolt paper and Saw cleaver transform attacks.
It's a cutlass not a Katana you *****ing weaboos
You're right, it has a cross guard and not a disk guard like katanas have. It's a long saber type sword. Cutlass usually means it's short.
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