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Dont you for a second believe a word that other people say about this weapon, its the best offhand weapon in the entire game for one reason: It looks dope as *****
Fashion Souls
It looks like a hunk of metal
So I found an incredible use for this weopon. It is the perfect side arm when you have the transformed beastcutter. Sometimes with the beastcutter, enemies can sneak in because you swing slow. You just swing with the fist because its alot faster. But the thing that makes it good is that it staggers.... so you can either back off, or if you have the stamina, continue comboing your staggers with the transformed beastcutter.

It really fills a void in one of the beastcutters weaknesses. Stagger plus stagger is good in my mind.
If you land a hit with the fist of gratia you will be tempted to follow up with a R1 of the transformed beast cutter. But there is actually a better follow up; immediately backstep + R1. It is actually a faster attavk then just a normal R1 follow up. So harder for the opponent to recover. You also get free spacing between your enwmy and spacing is what makes the beastcutter the beast cutter
So good with all 3 anticlockwise metamorphasis runes
Why use skill and finesse when you can just punch your way through?
Food for thought, what if you paired this with the stake driver. If you hit a humanoid with this it will stun/stagger them easily. You can then follow up with the charged R2 piston shot.
Not the transformed version. Sadly
it's stuns the orphan of Kos!!!
Punchin' Gods... how fitting.
Like my fist in your mum Honesty have no idea why I feel so compelled to say this crap but hope it makes some sick bastard chuckle ;p
If only it had a blood gem slot, tf Miyazaki!?! Cannons deserve them aswell honestly.
A cannon with a blood tinge gem would one shot waaaaaaaaay to many things.
Its a *****ing cannon, its supposed to do huge amount of damage, not *****ing tickle the enemies.
This weapons tickles my pickle
How to use the fist of Gratia 1) Stand perfectly Still 2) walk slowly to your hated enemy 3) raise your fist as i am doing right now and prepare to unleash your BURNING FURY UPON YOUR FOE'S UNEXPECTING FACE!! 4) I. CAST. FIST!!!
Ah a man of culture I see.
This thing basically makes L2 a stagger button. Useful to use right before you need to dodge away, or in place of dodging away so that you can stay in close and keep attacking. Some enemies can be stunlocked to death with L2-R1-L2-R1-L2-R1 etc, if you are using a fast weapon and have enough stamina. Conversely, if you are using a slower/ranged weapon this thing is good for enemies who get too close. To the people who say "Isn't a firearm better though?" the answer is probably, yeah. But if you're like me and really don't care about parrying, this is the next best thing you could use in your off hand.


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Absolutely amazing against Micolash if he keeps spamming a call from beyond.