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I dont get the fuzz about having to go to lvl 150 to be spellcaster, at 150 i can be dark/faith/sorcery if i want to, at 150 you can be whatever without worrying too much about stats. My lvl 120 sorcere, and my sl120 faith build works nicely in pvp, people two shot me with ugs special or 3 shot if basic attack, but i two shot them back with both sunlight spear, and lifehunt scythe, i honestly see no problem beeing a spellcaster at 120, you dont need a freaking ugs as a spellcaster, just a quick weapon if necessary.
My character is lvl 123. Does this mean that I have just screwed myself and will now meet much fewer players? I have to know, cause the thought is driving me insane!
You’re fine, lots of people go to 125, I believe the cut off for playing with the 120 meta is 140. Most people just stick to the meta for a fair playing ground


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Im pretty sure the range is 20 levels, so you can play with level 120 players from 100-140.
Is level 140 still meta? I was trying to get summoned but I had to wait for a very long time unlike before.
140 never was meta. 120 to 130 is. 140 is borderline havel mage territory therefore impossible meta. There are some youtubers roaming around there but only to come with "builds noone else can show". Yeah for a good reason.
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Hmm, does this explain why my SL 299 character rarely gets invaded (Like, only 3 or 4 times per NG), can't find any matches on Undead Matches, and can't see much of any red signs in high PVP areas? If so, then what exactly is the "Soul Level Meta"? I'm not entirely sure because people seem split between it being 100-120, 120-139, or 200-250. I need a bit of confirmation here as to what it is..
If the meta were 250 the builds would honestly not matter anymore because you could have some insane str or dex and still have enough points leftover for some mean looking health and stamina bars but then still be able to buff using crystal magic weapon, lightning blade or even dark moon blade


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Really i would stick 120 to 160 in order to stay in a high pvp level
Is SL 137 a good level to stop? ._.
Entry for the meta, but no content other than a disclaimer. Good job editors.


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It seems like most forums conclude that pvp level range is 125. While some say 120 - 130. The meta level 125 should be normal for most pvp.
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