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"Deep Accursed"?
Nope, I will never stop calling them "Spider+Monkeys"
my friend and i call them "big sexy"
I didnt know about this and it was my first playthrough so my bro guided me into this thing (cathedral of the deep) and now i dont think i should listen to him anymore...


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My friend through 16 years has lost all trust in me after playing Bloodborne & Dark Souls 3 with me.. He literally questions everything I say/tell him to do, even when I'm actually just helping him!! xD
They also seem to be vulnerable to frost, with irthyll longsword it came down pretty quickly #r1spam4life
What i did was just bring it to the stairs and jump off and do the RB fall attack and then rolled REAL quick to the stairs again
I don't know if this actually holds any water, but I hit both of their heads with a falchion using Blessed Weapon and they were put in riposte state immediately. Is Blessed Weapon another weakness or do they just get staggered crazy easily?
If you hit them in the head with a heavy attack with almost any weapon they get poisebroken
these things scare the **** outta me
If you take a greatsword, and do a two-handed fully-charged R2, you can poise break them immediately (tested with a Refined Flamberge +3 at 20 strength and dexterity, kills them on riposte)
I don't think any game has scared me as much as when this thing dropped from the sky in the Cathedral. The initial jumpscare followed up by the sight of the terrifying...thing.
It’s kind of cute
Reminds me of my ex-wife