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This has a C scaling in STR on +4 and +5 with Heavy scaling now.
Soooo... anyone on ps4 willing to trade for this? e v e;
Nevermind I sent out Greirat and almost accidentally got him killed
Why would anyone trade for this? It's pretty easy to farm even without item discovery gear.
still want to trade? i can give you a +10 for the champion gundyr's halberd.


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Corrected the dex Sharp infusion scaling, is A scaling, not B.
Has anybody tried this with a faith build? I'm wondering how the damage is. I don't need it to be great, just decent. I'm making a faith caster. So I'm thinking the poise bonis with the WA from a talisman would be great for casting.
damage is alright, decent at best. I'd focus on Lightning Blade or DMB if you do Faith. R2s punish rolling more than you think when you mix it up with R1s bc the start-up looks the same as r1, so they roll early. Then the r2 catches them. It's amazingly long and doing mix-ups can cause the opponent to get mad and rush you since they're roll-spam suddenly doesnt work. punish this with your WA. Using DMB or Lightning Blade with yorshka's chime +10 at 20STG 40DEX and 60FTH did decent damage for a roll-catcher (can't remember the ar because it was almost a year ago, but if I had to guess it was around 600). I'm planning on re-doing this build, and maybe even try without FTH to see if the AR can be improved.
Currently on 60/40/60 st/dx/fth and I got 535 AR
when you do a jumping attack with this spear it glitches out your arm.
In case people worry about getting parried, if you make it so they parry the tip of the blade, the time it takes to run up and crit. you will give enough time to roll out and poke again. *Tested against some invader with Dragonslayer Axe.
Holy moly. This weapon is incredibly amazing. You just learn your spacing. Works great with leo ring. Damage is less then other popular weopons, but this little guy has finesse. Im beating every type of player from casters to ultrasword big hitters. I think about poise health the whole time and i fight with poise and spacing on my mind. Also the 15 free poise health? Yes please. Very high tier weapon. Makes the othef guy a little careful around you. You strike them when you outreach them or they are recovering stamina
Pair this with the silver armour set and the most helmets....*boom!* Instant guard. Throw your soap down and protect your lords!
Does this really not increase its scaling when upgrading with Refined? An unupgraded one, if I go to infuse it refined, shows CC, same as the table here shows +10