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I just killed pontif and wanted to pvp after dying i wanted to kill myself bc i lost the ending again (4 ending) and im doing this 3rd time
lol, just wanted the end of fire ending, but accidentally hit the firekeeper. (rip me) :I
I want all trophies. Trying to get end of fire. I declined instead of saying yes. Instructions say make sure to say yes. Did I mess up?
Nah, just kill her and she’ll drop the eyes. Warp somewhere else, and then back to firelink, and you can give the eyes back to the fire keeper and choose the right prompt this tome
Conversely, if you change your mind and want a different ending, she outright says you should kill her to take the eyes and put her back to normal.
Kill the firekeeper. she will leave eyes on the ground. Rest at the bonfire, she will ressurect. Give her the eyes again, choose yes this time.
I dont think it makes any difference if you choose the talk option w her before the soul of cinder fight. I never chose "yes" to a world without fire and her summon sign was there and the trophy unlocked.
So I went for the end of fire ending, gave the fire keeper the eyes, but I forgot to exhaust her dialogue before beating the final boss, and I didnt get the achievement. Does this mean I have to play through it again for it?
If you beat the final boss and didn't summon the firekeeper to take the cinder, then yes, you have to do it again in NG+
yeah life hurts i've lost master of expression achievement for a dumb mistake :/