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For the Usurpation of fire ending I defeated the Abyss watches and entered the catacombs before obtaining all fire dark sigials but Yoel still offered them all and he still died and he was replaced by Yuria, so should be ok?
Yeah, you're fine. Yoel always dies after 5th "True Strength" and Yuria helps you finish this ending.


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You don't need to tell Anri where Horace is to get any ending. Anri just needs to survive until after Pontiff is defeated
The Usurpation of Fire ending - does Yuria HAVE to survive as a summon to get her set? Did the whole thing, got the special ending and everything, but she remains at Firelink.
She got destroyed pretty quickly in my playthrough's final boss.
Got super pissed when she died, but after beating the SoC I Still got the usurpation ending.
She has to survive for you to get her armor at the shrine.
It's odd how letting the fire fade in DS1 resulted in the Dark Lord ending, yet letting the fire fade in DS3 makes a point that no lords will exist any longer, not even a Dark Lord. I guess 3 was building upon the narrative and improving it by adding the Usurpation of Fire ending to allow you to become the Lord of Hollows, implying the fire has been taken by the Dark, or possibly transformed into a blackflame that operates much like the First Flame. In fact, it looks very much like the Ashen One is pulling the flame into their Dark Sigil, and when they reawaken, they rise in the spot where the bonfire used to be, but has mysteriously vanished. This coincides with the former prediction, that the fire has been swallowed by darkness and stowed away. After all, without fire, there can be no shadows.

As for the "Unkindled" ending... Where does that leave us? Without a fire keeper, the flame cannot survive for long, so does the Ashen One intend to become both a fire keeper and a power source for the flame? Would this make the Ashen One a ruler of their own world, as the rest fades into oblivion? Will this prevent the flame from fading, and subsequently from being reignited? It's probably the most pessimistic ending, and I'm glad I don't have to murder the fire keeper to get an achievement...
do i kill Yuria to get her set because i summoned her for the battle but she never droped anything after i beat the SoC and she is still standing where she was in fire link
If she did not survive the fight, you will not get her stuff afterwards. If you want her gear, either revert to an earlier save, and keep her alive, or kill her yourself.
If she did not survive the fight, you won't get her stuff. You will either have to revert to an earlier save, and keep her alive, or kill her yourself.
Honestly what does Anri have to do with the Usurpation of Fire ending, is he the one I stab to get the extra 3 hollow things, or is he just there and you have to do his quest line just because
Anri's questline allows you to become as hollowed as possible and thus open that ending