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Have it now the good old Power of Dark Souls 1? In Dark Souls 2 was it very low. which rings and chime/talisman do you use ? also how much faith
Lol um rings and I do over 700 Dmg.
Seriously doubt you do 700 dmg with this miracle, even if you had 99 faith.
Never had it in ds1 but in ds2 all the lightning spear type spells were OP as all hell so if they were better in ds1 then they've have 1 shot every boss lol, i was using my faith build to clean up every ds2 boss in seconds using great and sunlight spears

But so far i have the normal lightning spear, and its doing crap all damage, so faith scaling seems to have been hit hard for miracles
Absolutely not. I'm so pissed. I have a +10 chime with 30 faith and it's not even doing 200 damage. To most enemies. I went into ng+ with it and in the high wall it doesn't even do half a dog's hp
you need more faith a talisman(saints is the best with an s in faith) and the ring of the sons firstborn or lightening cluth, both if necessariy
Ornstein the Firstborn confirmed?
Mentions the Greatspear.
If you look at all of the lore it's very possible that knife solaire is the first born.
Nope, Nameless king uses a greatspear imbued with lightning, etc
No, The Nameless King is the firstborn. His weapon is a greatspear, not Ornstein's
It's the Nameless King, in fact pretty much the whole point of him being in the game is to confirm that Solaire wasn't the first born after all.
dragonslayer swordspear is namelesskings weapon ornstein was captain of the 4 knights of gwyn nothing more
Ornstein is only one of the four Knights which where in duty for Gwyn. at least Ornstein was one of the last Knights doing his duty.
The altar's spear having the same motif. That description. The Leo Ring... could it actually be?
dragonslayer swordspear is namelesskings weapon
nameless king is gwyns son
If you'd pay a little more attention you'd find out that those Swordspears were common among "Dragonslayers".
Why are the lightning spears all so weak in this game? I use the crystal chime 200 spell buff, faith 33
spellbuff is for weapon buffs mainly as far as i know you need much more faith
+crystal chime is trash
Use a saints or canvas talisman. If you want max damage; use faith/miracle rings
siant's talisman and yorshka's chime have an S-scaling with faith. If you have 60 faith or something you can one shot 80% of the enemies in new game with sunlight spear.
Always loved the great lightning spear, but I never play online, so it's pretty disappointing for me that this time the only way to obtain it is online and co-op
Lothric Knights can drop the sunlight medals. Farm them for the miracle.
Absolute crap. Don't bother getting this. 30 faith, sunlight talisman, morne's ring and firstborn ring and it barely does above 200 damage. Chime doesn't matter, fully upgraded would add like 50-60 dmg at best which would still be weak.

Fromsoft don't even know what they are doing anymore. This was always useless in PVP, then they made it useless in PVE as well. So stupid.
30 faith IS crap. go 50 or even better, 60.
miracle are really a endgame weapon. With 50 faith, morne's ring, firstborn's ring and clerci sacred chime at +7, the spell does around 450-600 dmg (even more in close range), depending of who you hit with. It can reach 700+ when at +10, and even more when you reach the cap of 60 faith
You can go with no weapon at any level for pvp with the spears. Canvas talisman WA, and you can trade blows point blank with bonus damage. No one can break that poise


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30 Faith? You don't use Great Lightning Spear at 30 Faith as a main miracle... It's 50 Faith with lightning/miracle boosting rings. "200 damage" and "50-60 dmg at best" from ANY chime/talisman is crap, you can get a lot more damage if you use a Yorshka's Chime +10.
Isn't acquired also by trading the nameless kings's soul?
That would be no problem, Sunlight Spear is just a stronger version and much easier to get. Prob are the stats. 10 additional points into faith is a huge investment and you won't be able to use it as much as Lighting spear. Should have made it like it was in DS1. SUNlight spear to the jolly SUN bros. And a normal, easier way to obtain the much more popular Lightning Spear. But now it's all a grinding party.
No that's Lightning Storm, the Soul of Cinder gives sunlight spear
No that's sunlight spear
Who is Gwyns son with the great spear? Ornstein? Ornstein is the first born? He must have been shamed and exciled, went to look for the nameless king. And then when he came back his father and king lost his power and he decided to honour his last duties and defend the lordvessel with his abomination of a companion smough. It has 2 be!
My theory is that Solaire could be Gwyn´s first born. He uses the lightning spear, sword and shield + he is so powerful even with common armor that he wears. Read the sunlight shield description.
Personally I'd say the nameless king or the solaire theory's are the best bet, however I believe quite a few people have "confirmed" since ds1 that solaire is somehow related to the royal family, whether or not he is the first or the last son is unknown
It's a good theory but I believe the nameless king is gywn's first born. The description on his sword spear says he was the heir to lightning, also from ds1 we know gywn's firstborn was banished and his name was erased from history.
ornstein wasnt gwyns first born, he left to serve the nameless king, solaire inst his first born either. the nameless king is his first born but we dont know his name. if you check ornstein's helm it says he guarded the cathedral but left in search of the nameless king. he became his trusted knight.
And if Gwyndolin was Ornstein's brother, he would of used his illusions for the statues and allowed Ornstein to defend the lordvessel.
I like how mobile auto corrects me, and I can't intervene. Solaire, not soldier.
The nameless king is gwyn's son. Solaire is just a random dude
Yes I think you could be right! In DS1 it says Gwyns first born fought with sword and shield. You can make 2 weapons from nameless king, the sword says he used that weapon first and then after used the spear, hence the great lighting spear description. Maybe he allied with the dragons and that is why he got banished. Ornstein was sent to kill the nameless king but never found him obviously. Ah, I would of never thought of it that way, thx 4 the different perspective.
Cringy af troll. 10/10 because you got a response from a legitimate, no lifer, hectic nerd. Soldier is the one who had his name erased... He was the Sun. And that's his lightning. It was removed by dev Gwyn. Probably was a hacker.
The damage seems to be at around 200% spell buff (works well, seems reasonable that regular lightning spear woud do 150%)
Tested against Dark Wraith with different talismans and with and without priestess ring (The Dark Wraiths were estimated to take around 40% reduced Damage, also makes sense when comparing to meele GLS on Champion Gundyr (whith RotSF and Mornes Ring)).
That would indicate that:
Lightning Spear scales 150% (262,5% if melee)
Great Lighning Spear scales 200% (350% if melee)
Sunlight Spear scales around 300% (400% if melee)
Someone edit this into the respectiva pages of each miracle but also write that it's up for confirmation. This seems likely but it's not the most accurate of methods I've used..
Same guy writing as before.
I've done some more calculations and the previous statement is completely wrong.
The actual damage seems to be around 240% to 250% - 95 to 105, for a Great Lightning Spear that is.
That would indicate that it's actually
(183% - 75 )*1.75 damage if melee (Lightning Spear)
(245% - 100 )*1.75 damage if melee (Great Lightning Spear)
(366% - 150 )*1.67 damage if melee (Sunlight Spear)