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Does this have any effect in PvE? Contemplating between this or the Sun Princess Ring.



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most enemies do lose track of you for a second, I notice when I roll nonstop with this ring ballista fire less shots at me
The plus 3 dex is nice in general if you're using dex weapons
this ring is better

especially considering the heal is too slow to be viable in fast fights
Hunter Ring is superior to both of those rings.
In DS3 invisibility has effects on enemy AI, so it's possible they'd track you worse.
Does anyone know for sure if this gives any additional iframes for dodging? The ring similar to this in DaS2 did.
Not sure, but I would assume not as the Carthus Bloodring increases the amount of invincibility frames you have in a roll at the cost of decreasing your overall damage taken by 15%. I have not tested this though.
The two Carthus rings are so good on dex builds. Have been playing with them since the catacombs, no regrets whatsoever.
Yet I still don't know why ppl call players with dex builds filthy casuals
People called "filthy casuals" are just those of us who like to actually enjoy the game, and those people calling others "filthy casuals" are the type of people who just play games to ***** it up for everyone else. Aka, trolls.



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How? I would think this would boost their "equipment" load to higher SL's ...
Well, I started a new playthrough the other day and I was invaded in High wall of lothric by a man who was wearing the farron legion set and used carthus pyromancies. Seems like people are back stepping to earlier areas to invade weak players maybe. From might be nerfing player stats to equal out players when this happens from my experience.
Actually players either

A) are good enough (or run by everything) and have the patience for SL1 runs so can get every item (or nearly since the hollow quest-line can't be done in a SL1 run)

B) They get someone to transfer the gear from another character (note higher refined weapons than the player's highest and all spells cannot be transferred)
Consecutive light rolls let you sneak passed some enermies, notibly the dragons on lothric castle.

This may need testing as I've done it only a few times, Could have been luck.
Thanks. I tested this got incinerated.



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I noticed this as well. I've also found you can use this to negate that health drain effect from the jailors in irythill dungeon.
stop lying it does not do either of those things


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Just the thing for my ninja build
Obscuring ring would be more useful though
This ring also lets you fast-roll in deep water
No it does't.
This ring seems to make your dodge roll actually work. It feels a little more like bloodborne's dodge. I honestly hate the dodging mechanics without this ring.
Listen buddy, two things: the dodge mechanics work fine, as long as you're under 70% equip load. If you are new, then it's understandable, having too much stuff on you causes your rolls to be trash. Also, this thing does nothing to help dodging, literally just gives an aesthetic change that can sometimes help in PvP. I know you're probably new, so don't worry about it, but do try to research before posting.
This ring lets me roll through illusion walls.
Dont know if bug or every other ring no rings can do it as well
You can roll through illusory walls regardless of which rings you wear.