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How to decide which miracle catalyst to use: Yorshka's = Insane damage from somewhat far away, Sunlight = PvP when they get up close to you.
Does this buff sunlight spear's damage? Please don't just say "no" if you're just assuming, only answer if you've tested it.
This game is 2 years old, it **** doesn‘t and be thankful someone answers you with that attitude
His question didn't make any sense but you don't need to be a*****about it
All of you pip-squeaks need to shut your yaps!
"yes", But I haven't really tested it. I'm just assuming.
{buffs deez nertz}
Sadly don't boost.
Lvl 120 Solaire build, 60 fth, +10 lightning caestus, +10 (yeah oops but too late now) sunlight talisman. Talisman in left, punchglove on right. Two hand gloves and use hyper armor to smack them and get them used to your punches. Roll away at some time while switching to 1 handed caestus, poise cast sunlight spear when they run up to trade. It's been incredibly effective, at least until I run into a build that twoshots me. Gotta remember to take that dusk ring off for pvp.
Rolling kinda hides the weapon switching animation, if your opponent isn't super observant. Only reason I mention it. If they see you switch from 2h to 1h they may be wise to your shenanigans.
I love the idea that they put a talisman with infinite poise in for lore purposes. Wish it had more damage though. Is it true it gives sunlight spear a hidden boost?



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Tried to cast a buffed Lightning Stake with the regular Talisman and got interrupted by a Large Serpent-man's running attack. Came back to test and one-shot the beast through the same attack with this boy.
Am I the only person who remembers that Solaire DIDN'T have "unwavering faith?" Over the course of DkS 1, he becomes extremely depressed and even goes hollow if the Chosen Undead (the player) doesn't save him. I feel like FromSoft saying this talisman was his has more to do with fan service than lore. To be clear, I haven't played DkS 2 yet. If the Knight of Sunlight is actually someone else, please forgive my ignorance.
Solaire never turned hollow. He only is driven insane in the search for his Sun. He still remains extremly faithfull to his belief, crazy or not.
Solaire had the same talisman as this one in DkS1, this isn't something new added in DkS3. The description is almost identical to the first one, including the mentions of his unwavering faith, aside from not mentioning his name and all. So, not much fanservice. As the other reply mentions, he never turned Hollow - he was getting desperate about finding his Sun and the discovery of a Sunlight Maggot made him lose it as it looked like a Sun to him. Turning Hollow means having nothing to live for, essentially - so this was not the case.