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The Evangelists have a Pear of Anguish (medieval torture device) and, if I remember correctly some other torture weapons too, attached to their belts. Also, the fact that their dialogue shows compassion and pity towards the player, bit they still beat it to death, make me think that these Evangelists are some sort of representation of religion during the Middle Ages.
I'm fairly certain they're direct references to an antagonist of an arc in the Manga Berserk. Very similar hats and weapons, along with the torture tools and Evangelist title. So you are almost certainly right.
i got here from exploding bolt page, when i see the bolt list, soo can i use this as an crossbow bolt ?
I load this bolt into my greatbow and smite all the noobs with dual whips
Better than the Wizards Staff.
Don't you just love it when you're minding your own ***** business and someone snipes you with these???
Become better and more useful than old dark souls
I honestly didn't know what to say when I first encountered her. She just hugged me with fire and I was warm for the rest of my life
reminds me of brewess in witcher 3.fat *****