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Greyrat may sell it after thieving for first time
This set (not just the legs) helps mask noise. Not sure if it's for all enemies, but wearing this full set let me sneak up to the Blue Knight right before Vordt to get a backstab in. Wearing a different (but still light) set and he'd turn around before I was anywhere close.
That go's for all light armor like black leather set, heavy armor makes noise like Knight armor.
Nice subtle touch. Wish it was a more prominent feature for footsteps too.
When you put down a message that uses a gesture while wearing this set (including the hood), it displays your character wearing the Black Hand Armor set wearing what looks to be the Hood of Prayer.
It's probably because the Assassin set is basically a simpler version of the Black Hand set, and I'm guessing most hoods use the Hood of Prayer when being used for messages.
Not just Dark Souls, this was present in Bloodborne too. If you equip the Hunter's Hat while laying down a message with a gesture, the model that performs the gesture in the message will be wearing the Yharnam Hunter's Hat instead. Also gesture models in messages are male by default, as well as having a default face.
The gestures seem completely different from whatever I'm wearing. They also seem to vary from day to day. Who knows.
Bad ***
Anyone looking to trade it for something or just doesnt want it? My greirat is dead and i didnt get it for my character.
Find his ashes then give it to the handmaid
Looking pretty darn close to the Black Hand Armor piece.
Don't know why you were thumbed down but you're right. Gotthard is wearing a unique torso and head piece, but his arms and legs are from this set.
[code]Yeah. Kind of makes you wish there was a bit more variety in some of the sets. [/code]
is the bug still working now?