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Any way to get the set without doing the quest? I always kill Sirris the first chance I get because some unexplicable urge, I don't have to go into another new game to get this do I
I don't know what you were expecting for killing npc's for no reason. These games aren't known for their forgiveness.
(1) No. (2) Yes you will have to start again or NG+ him because he wearing the armor & the axe
Am i the only one bothered by the bottom of the sets leggings they look so goofy in that tan color
I've killed aldrich before completing the creighton part of sirris' questline. I will trade anything for this set!
do you have artorias greatshield? if so then yes you can have this set from me
I will trade anything I have for this set - Xbox GT: Drunken SeaCow
Ahh... "Git gud"; the Dark Souls community way of letting everyone know you can't spell and have the maturity level of a fourth grader. I honestly feel embarrassed for people that say this.
stupid "Git Gud" morons. Git Fkd by BLK MEN.
In Icelandic get good translates to "fá gott"... Do with that what you will
Git gud
Sucks to suck, I guess.
literally started ng+3 to get this armour... killed Pontiff and then i realised... i cried


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I just wanted the mask!
So, you can't get the ser if you've killed Pontiff?
You can. You just have to be invaded by and kill Creighton. He invades the area where you get the Undead Bone Shard. After you kill him go back to a bonfire then travel to the first Irithyll bonfire and the set will be on a corpse on the bridge.
Hopefully this helps.
If you kill pontif then try to hunt him down no, but if you hunt him down then kill pontif yes.
lol i finisbed the game 3 times and i was like "thats it" then i find out about this set and i do it a fourth time. took me 1 hour to do the questline by just running past every enemy and killing each boss as easy as pie. then i realized. dark souls 3 is so *****ing easy. lol
yea DS3 is the easiest Soul game
It's the "running past every enemy" part what makes it easy.
try doing that in the dark souls 2 DLC will just lead you to the boss with no time to buff because of all the enemies following you
It sucks that I have to be online just to get this armor.
No, you don't. NPC invasions happen even if you are offline.
If you're having trouble, make sure you're both embered and haven't beaten Pontiff yet.
wear the set but replace the mask with either billed mask or the pyromancer crown, you will be light as hell and look 100% badass. this effect also works with dancers, jailers and even outrider