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Quick tip: unless it's the first game, medium rolling and fast rolling are almost the exact same thing, slight differences but nothing game changing. I spent way to long trying to keep my equip load under 30% thinking there was a major difference when I was new
Generally speaking I agree that staying under 70% is good enough in dark souls 3. There are times where having the under 30% roll is actually really good though. The main difference is in terms of the distance you cover when rolling, so if you're a ranged build trying to create distance with enemies this roll is great. I actually got so used to the under 70% roll that I forgot the under 30% roll even existed until recently browsing this page. After relearning about this roll I tried it out on my sorcerer in pvp and realized it was great for that character. Still, there's no denying it is a trade-off that often isn't worth the cost.


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now i know why i roll so slow. we need under 70% to roll better. more complex than BB haha
The *****? Midroll is insanely good compared to ds2 and ds1. This is why ds3 is for rat kids
You can roll with full havel set weapon and shield even a Talisman with FaP ring +3 and havel ring +3 with 85 vigor, a perfect 69% equip load for me
I am at 70% with Lothric Set, 26 Vitality, Lothric Knight SHield, Talisman, Brigand Axe, Life Ring, Bloodbite Ring, Flame Stoneplate Ring, and Chloranthy Ring. I am not fat rolling.
you need to have over 70
Guys , please test this out , the details above a wrong about the running speed , you are faster at 30% , check it out cause I did right now and you are 100% a little faster , you can hear the sound of the steps being quicker etc.
Faster at less than 30% * pardon , than over 30 %