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Quick tip: unless it's the first game, medium rolling and fast rolling are almost the exact same thing, slight differences but nothing game changing. I spent way to long trying to keep my equip load under 30% thinking there was a major difference when I was new
Generally speaking I agree that staying under 70% is good enough in dark souls 3. There are times where having the under 30% roll is actually really good though. The main difference is in terms of the distance you cover when rolling, so if you're a ranged build trying to create distance with enemies this roll is great. I actually got so used to the under 70% roll that I forgot the under 30% roll even existed until recently browsing this page. After relearning about this roll I tried it out on my sorcerer in pvp and realized it was great for that character. Still, there's no denying it is a trade-off that often isn't worth the cost.


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now i know why i roll so slow. we need under 70% to roll better. more complex than BB haha
The *****? Midroll is insanely good compared to ds2 and ds1. This is why ds3 is for rat kids
What in the name of seath is a rat kid
You can roll with full havel set weapon and shield even a Talisman with FaP ring +3 and havel ring +3 with 85 vigor, a perfect 69% equip load for me
I am at 70% with Lothric Set, 26 Vitality, Lothric Knight SHield, Talisman, Brigand Axe, Life Ring, Bloodbite Ring, Flame Stoneplate Ring, and Chloranthy Ring. I am not fat rolling.
you need to have over 70
Guys , please test this out , the details above a wrong about the running speed , you are faster at 30% , check it out cause I did right now and you are 100% a little faster , you can hear the sound of the steps being quicker etc.
Faster at less than 30% * pardon , than over 30 %
While the animation looks quicker, the speed is the same. Tested it on my own at the shrine, running the same circle aroud with leight, medium and heavy state and while the animations and the steps seem to be slower, the time was allways the same (around 16 sec)



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We can all agree that it's stupid how you can wear 1 ton worth of armor and weapons, and still mid roll, then you slide ONE ring on your finger and suddenly your hit with type 2 diabetes
These stuffs are soul-bound. You carry them within your soul.


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So true but I also feel like it's when you wear no armor and have one ring you have type 50 diabetes
Tbh VIT is always screaming at me to be upgraded
Should I keep equipment load under 70% to avoid the 20% stamina regeneration malus if I'm not rolling?
Always try to stay under 70%, fat rolling liturally has no benifits to it
You should ALWAYS stay under 70%, even if there wasn't slower stamina regeneration.
I said I'm not rolling.


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if your not rolling and i mean never rolling then no all you need is the clor ring+ 3
buff smough’s thickness
So as far as the difference in distance between 29 and 30, after testing I have determined that 4 29% rolls cover about the same distance as 5 30% rolls. Didn’t see anyone else with that info so now it’s out there
Equip load definitely does affect Sprint speed. Having below 30%, and you run slightly faster than 30.01%-69.99%