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This spell was useless before the update in over and pvp, but after its a pretty good bullet storm to get them rolling right into a Css. But if you want a finisher use fire surge it's much better.
I did a bit of testing on some weak enemies, and I found that if I used it close range on an enemy that remained stationary, they'd generally get hit by multiple projectiles which could add up to some so-so damage. But if they started moving around a bit, then they would likely only be hit by one or maybe two projectiles at most.

Also, I couldn't get it to work very well from any sort of long range or during situations where I was at a higher elevation than the enemy. Manual aiming also seems to be completely ineffective.

Then there's the problem if there's a ceiling or a wall nearby in that all the projectiles can just collide with it.

I'm thinking maybe something like the stray demon might be an appropriate target for this spell, but I haven't tried it on him. I still don't think it would out perform more conventional spells though, and would likely need to be cast pretty close up.

Definitely a candidate for one of the worst spells in the game.
Yes I had tried it on PC.
Did you try it on PC ? Because the 1.06 regulation (which isn't up on PC yet) has significantly buffed this spell, aslong with Farron dart and Farron hail.
There is absolutely no reason to choose this spell over the rapier. Don't make the same mistake I did, and save yourself some pain. This spell is so bad, I'd honestly think the developers were trolling me, even after the buff. The chances of even hitting anything is low, and even if you do it hardly does any damage. It is a useless spell, I assure you. I'd love to hear someone try to defend it.
It's decent as a mind games tool. Even experienced people in Pvp will start to roll like madmen when the crystals start dropping, and it allows you to charge something like a white dragon breath and catch them lffguard
Don't forget if you want the "all sorceries" cheevo
I use this A LOT in PvP ... Nope not for the Damage but because for the Stupid things some People do when trying to avoid it XD
Cliffs are your friends here !!!
You just have to use it differently. Don't use it to set up other spells only; you have to cast it, hit with something, then the crystals hit for you to follow up. It has a long enough delay and trickle duration to accomplish this. One way I've had success is to cast the spell, use a large AOE spell like Soul GS or a pyromancy, then follow up once the crystals hit the stunlocked opponent with either another spell (I like to be cheesy and use CSS or GHSA) or some hits from a weapon. Honestly, it's more damage when you hit.
This can be aimed lower for the hail to be started lower, allowing for more to hit smaller targets. Though at 99 intelligence, it's still not considerable. Crystal hail got buffed from 1 seemingly useless hail to 5, with the 5th being sprout out notably weird. It looks pointless to use in PVP, as anyone could just walk through this thing, right? This thing doesn't even stagger like the crystal sages one. It doesn't track you through walls endlessly and chunk out your health, like the crystal sages one. It just flies in the air, BING BING BING BING BING, Hey look I did about 73 damage to that one guy at the cost of like 19 FP. It just gives people the illusion that they are "DODGING AN ATTACK", when in reality, all this thing does is take out about 150 health if you do manage to somehow get hit by this seemingly random spell. It pierces! That is so great! Why not just blast everything with crystal soul spear instead of trying to hit that guy midrange from you with this?

Does this thing stagger or not... I can't really tell, the firekeeper just stands through it, but the deacons play some animation like they are being staggered...
It's not passable for playthrough 11. Crystal soul spear comes out about 5x as slow, but you could just lead everyone into crystal soul spear with stuff like affinity, due to its tracking. Sure, Crystal Hail makes people dodge into stuff, because people don't know how stupid it actually is, but try casting this thing against anything that rushes at you, and they will only get hit by about 1 of the projectiles. Crystal Hail should home downwards on enemies a bit, at least aim at them. But why would I use Crystal Hail when I could get to playthrough 99, if it exists, just by going invisible with no sound, and run straight to the bosses? Then Crystal Soul Spear everything until you have no FP, and finally melee when all is gone... With skills that regen endlessly. I wish Crystal Hail would somehow hit and chunk your health like the one the Crystal Sages use. As a spell, I can't help but to call this useless in combat.
This is the most worthless spell of the game
Not really.
It's an excellent zoning spell that goes out of sight, therefore very out of mind. It might not always connect, but it can keep an enemy on their toes and be forced to expend their stamina to avoid it's attacks. While they are busy trying to dodge it, you can follow through with other attacks such as flash sword, great sword, dark edge or great soul arrow.
agreed, even the simple farron dart or farron hail is useful in some situations
^ Nobody is going to dodge this trash because it doesn't do damage or stagger. Everytime some moron has cast this thinking I care I just run up and beat him to death.
Rain the pain of bug bites.
PVP I mean, mix it with CHS or CS and it is pretty effective.
The spell looks awesome and i also like the noise it makes. But dmg is low



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This spell would be great if only it lasted just a couple seconds longer, and maybe if it was possible to cast more than one at a time.