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so this things scales really well for a pyromancer, at SL 100 I was sporting stats of 12/7/30/30 (just the relative stats) and at lvl 10 chaos, this thing was scoring a massive 500+, perseverance is nice when you can plan it ahead and I've caught a few invaders off guard with it. 2-3 hits would make the, either die or run away. on of my fav for a pyromancer build (Chaos dark sword is similar too, less AT but attacks faste and lighter so I mean take your pick).
I would recommend you use dark infusion instead if you're focusing on PvP since most players have little dark resistance


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This is truly one of the "secret" best weapons in the game. It's almost absurd how it went under the radar all these months.

Probably cause its not flashy. Like, at all; but it doesn't have to be. Its strong, fast, good range, strike damage, buffable, and it has perserverance which at this point is arguably the best WA in the game. It has EVERYTHING you need.
Agreed. This "nothing to look at" metal stick actually made of 91% Dank, 8% Hatred and 1% Salt.
Maining it on my vitality/str character, this thing is the f****** destroyer of worlds!
Has awesome damage output and absurd Poise(hyperarmor) breaking numbers, will easily stagger Darkwraiths, Knights and can easily break a shield block. Strike damage is very effective against players and the hardest creatures in the game (any kind of knights, elites, many bosses).
I can't tell if I'm hitting harder or not I followed your recommendation but with higher strength and I'm getting around 200 per hit is that good or not?
Why is so underused,this weapon is a truly monster



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When the game first came out it was nothing special. A patch dramatically improved the moveset, giving it more forward movement and hyperarmor when 2 handed. Since it used to be so mediocre, people never really revisted it.
the "Can be Infused and Buffed" should say "Can be Infused or Buffed"
Depends on what infusion you use, the elemental Infusions cant be buffed, however Sharp, Heavy and Raw can be buffed.
It makes catacombs really easy.
two-hand this bad boy to deal punishing three hit combos. the third light attack roll-catches like there's no tomorrow
Make this +10, raw, on your cleric characters. Buff with Lightning Blade, Darkmoon Blade or Dark Blade. At 60 faith it adds an incredible amount of additional damage. You won't need anything else, since so many enemies are weak to strike/lightning or just lightning. Consider getting Carthus Flame Arc if you really need fire damage.
I prefer this over the long sword for a low level pyro that has to watch every stat point. Hits harder too.


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Winning best poise breaker,cancerios build, meta useful, unstoppable, award
Mace is one of the best all around weapons in all three dark souls. Good speed, good damage, good animation, easy to use, stagger, a-scalings, buffable , easy to obtain early on. It just never lets you down. I finished the game as a cleric and i don't remember ever taking it off my right hand.
Sounds like a perfect weapon for a casual player to use
no hate, only bait

*everyone has a place within the dark souls*
Yes it’s my favorite weapon in the game. it has an a scaling in strength with heavy infusion, and its one of the best strength weapons. The weapon art is awesome because it allowable to to trade with anyone
I've been trying to find an alternative for PvP. I can't find it.