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Farron keep is million times better than this area. All rooms look same and skeletons are so prideful
There is one item missing from the map. Ring of steel protection on the pillar outside the opening next to pyromancy tome
You speak of NG+
Ok so idk if you as to add this, but there are 2 different dark spirits who invade you. I know bcuz I just been killed by both. The first was knightslayer tsorig or w.e his name is. I lost, respawned, summoned someone to help me kill him, but instead of him, I got a chick. I forgot her name it was something like hollowslayer verherra or something, killed by her too.
The "chick" was another player.
You know, I was really starting to enjoy this game until I got to this level. What a joke. Challenging is one thing. Having no chance after getting hit once no matter how high your stats are or what equipment you're using is something else entirely. And I absolutely LOVE it when your souls don't show up where you died - you know, where you might actually have a chance of recovering them. No way! Instead they magically appear right next to the enemy that just stun-locked you after one hit. Super fair. I wish I had a weapon like that where once you hit something it can't run, can't dodge, and it even turns fast rolls into fat rolls. Guess I better go back and search for a cloak of invisibility because I don't see any other way of getting past this guy.
Dude, do you know in this game you can roll to dodge attack?
Invite friends
Git gud
I'm a first time player and this is one of the easiest places I've encountered. This area is very easy if you have the right weaponry. A mace makes short work of all these enemies and even knocks them down and stuns them for a time for free kills.
YOu sound just like me before I got good. Don't worry, Friede and Midir will make a pro out of you
Learn 2 roll and git gud
DS3 is constantly testing you in order to make you understand how it works. and it starts from the first minute teaching you things to make you a better player. Catacombs are just the next step. the very first one was when you executed the first r1 attack. catacombs are about damage types and infusions for example. Accept that fact, understand it and make use of it for the rest of the game. Because believe it or not. There are many players that havent used infusions until this point or never used another weapon except their longsword. Catacombs will change that. Or give you a hard time.
Git good scrub I killed him first try


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There are only so many ways you can write "I'm bad at the game, therefore it's the game's fault" before you'll eventually stop and think that maybe, just maybe, it's your own fault.


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A blessed mace makes this area so damn easy.
Yeah but there are even better solutions for this area. but mace is nice too.



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Is it a dark gem or a deep gem, Fextra?!?!
it's a dark gem 100%
In all the Dark Souls games my STR/FTH build just never let me down. In DS 2 it ended up as a hexer but still - DEUS VULT!


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High damage weapons, self heals when out of estus, self buffs to clear room in your inventory, what's not to love? Faith attack spells are a little lacking but the holy knight build is still a favorite of mine.
What is recomended level for smouldering lake in NG+


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Seems like everything in the catacombs has an absolutely abysmal drop rate for me. I must have gone through here approx. 200 times without getting a single vertebrae shackle, wheel shield and carthus shield. What is going on! All while using crystal sage's rapier, gold serpent ring +3, symbol of avarice and rusted coin.
the distance between the opponents and the bonfire is just greater and they come in smaller groups compared to other farm spots. For example take the Flamberge. Same discussion because not a single one of those thieves wielding that thing comes in groups or is found next to a bonfire. The laws for the probability to drop something are always the same in DS3. Nonetheless, a chance is just a chance. In theory there is no guarante that something will ever drop. On the other hand it could drop every time. Some people get their carthus weapons or the Symbol of Avarice on first try. Others only after 20h into the game. Still, thats nothing compared to mmoRPGs. Where real money comes into play and the market dictates the drop rate in the end. Making you farm a single item for weeks!



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I had a really, really weird glitch happen to me just now. I went and got the Gravewarden's Ashes and proceeded to head down the stairs left of the Ash location. Instead of opening in the doorway to the area filled with rats, there was a wall. I rolled into the wall and fell through the map, dying. Have 600hrs and have never seen this. Was just really weird, thought I'd share.
Git gud
The first time I did the area after the bonfire, it happened to two enemies: First I had on of the kukri skeletons jump through the walls of a stairs and die. Then I had a crystal lizard run away from me and pass through 2 small rocks and fall to its death.
I think that area has bad boundaries.