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Then help update them. This is a community wiki moderated by people volunteering their time for free to help...
It just seems like these weapons are underwhelming, they do garbage damage and you’ll really only get the bleed at a useless time. Even with blood infusion yeah you’ll bleed them quick, but now you’ll do no actual damage. My opinion, just use the sharp sellsword twin blades.... bleed is garbage
I gave it a lightning gem and got it to 9+ using one blade does 400 damage while dual wielding it does about 900 damage. Its one of the Fastest Twinblades (If not the fastest). I beat the entire game only using the Warden Twinblades in NG+1
These blades are amazing
we were talking about BLEED. but thanks for your insight...
So... I have a Hollowed caestus in off hand that gives me +5 luck, but when i check my warden twinblades it doesn't show the benefits in terms of blood dmg. I have 45 luck, the caestus brings me to 50 but i still have only 80 blood dmg on my warden twinblades.

The question is: is it just a display bug or it really doesn't affect the blood dmg as it should be?

If anyone tested it, i would be happy to know the result.


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luck doesn't effect your bleed dmg, it boosts the bleed build up, so by having higher luck it's easier to proc the bleed effect.
That's the way i mean't it... The thing is Bleed build up on my Warden Twinblades doesn't scale with my hollowed Caestus (even though my luck gets +5). At least in the menu. I wanted to know if my added luck was effectively affecting my bleed build up even if it wasn't showing on my Warden Stats.
It might be because the build-up doesn't scale very well past 40 luck, so you might need even higher luck to get it further.


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you need to be hollow in order to be affected by the hollow gems.
i have a 50 luck character on my case and i'm wondering if a hollow infused set of warden twinblades would still ad extra bleed buildup after the hollow bonus to the twinblades.
right now i'm just using blood infused twinblades because the auxiliary rating seems higher than a hollow infused with Carthus rouge set of blades
i suggest asking such questions on the fextralife discord server for quick answers. you can find a link on the bottom left.
I dunno if these things are bad or good, but what I do know is they work for me. The bleed is a big plus but the moveset is what sells them for me. Sellsword blades are nice but these make fights like sister friede alot easier.
So, I’ve been making a build using these and had them sharp infused then buffed with rouge. However, the bleed appears to be more effective with blood infusion but that’s only useful if I get off a sufficient combo. Thoughts and opinions?
If this somehow gets to you. A true combo with these is RB + LT + RT (lands a grantee 5 hits every time). If you want better AR & have somewhat effective bleed, go with hollow infusion as Bleed & CR scales with Luck. There is no reason to go sharp with these as Sellsword TBs are by far a better option. If you want a higher bleed output, go with blood infusions. Again, go with Luck because as mentioned earlier, Bleed scales with Luck. Another note: if you want to make an effective bleed build, make a Low-Mid LV Character (10-60) because the higher the Level, the higher the natural bleed resistance your opponent(s) will have (without armor). i.e. harder to trigger the Bleed.
Try going Hollow Infusion and buff with Frozen Weapon; Stack Bleed and Frost for maximum nasty.
Remember how scary these things were before Hollow infusions got nerfed? These things used to be total gank spankers. Now? Eh...bleed got nerfed too hard IMO. These used to be able to bleed out anyone with one combo. Come on FromSoftware. The least you could of done was leave this weapon untouched from the patches. Now it's just an inferior Sellsword Twinblades. Sure you can infuse it with a Blood Gem. But the AR is so damn awful that you are better off. I think bleed builds deserved a bit of a nerf (before they were basically quality builds AR wise WITH amazing bleed build up) but now they are just so pointless...
They just needed to reduce the bleed damage amount not the build up...
They are still better than Sellsword's, just not as hyped. A great PVE weapon.
While these did get hit pretty hard by the Hollow nerf, gotta remember that everything else that wasnt that great with Hollow is MUCH better (carthus rouge wise since its technically a 10+SSS scaling)
Why did they give this weapon stability, you can't even block with them?
stability works on partial parries so it helps a little
The scaling on the Heavy gem is wrong. I got mine at +9 and it has an A scaling in strength.