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40 dex 60 int and they do 632 and have more variaty of weapons to use
If you're willing to invest almost everything (35/40/35/30 Str,Dex,Int,Fth) the AR is around 707. With 30 Vigor, 20 Endurance, a little skill and a prayer to God you can do a lot of damage. (Starting class pyromancer)
Better Deal: 38/40/30/0 (676 AR)
The elemental damage on this weapon also scales with STR/DEX, and the L1 combos into WA R2.



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This is a great example of the weapons that look good on paper but are horrible in game. Too slow, too heavy, too parriable, too much split damage nonsense... and that weapon art. It's sexy but just overall so hard to hit the person; both with the WA and the standard attacks. It's a shame, these could've been really fun and cool to use. Gives me conniptions.
While i agree with you in a pvp sense. It is actually a decent weapon to use in pve. There are of course better weapons that are similar but this one isn't that too bad to use in pve. I mean hell my dex build solely uses them and i have no issue against most enemies or bosses. But i wholely agree with your too slow,heavy,parriable things in a pvp kind of scene.



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Even with all 99 stats, this thing still bad.
pve not good pvp 1v1 rlly bad 2v2 maybe mediocre at best if you are rlly good but co-op vs bosses when you ally gives you the chance to go all out ? rlly nice extremly fun However if you want to use this blades you ned them full lvl full lvl or dont use them for solo plays and pvp you get stunlocked midcombo so not worth
I am doing a pyromancy run, is it good for it? (I have 18 dex so I can just wear the Hunter's ring


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I am wanting to do a boss cosplay arena fight with some friends and the build I am currently using has 24 str 22 dex 40 int and 40 fth. I also only have 17 vit. I believe that this weapon with the dancer armor set is the most effective boss build I am going to get with those stats. However, I did hear that the damage was terrible. Will this weapon work?
It scales primarily on dex intelligence. Not so much strength or faith. Unfortunately, unlike most dual weapons where each one does the listed AR., the Dancer's Swords split it so individually the only do maybe two thirds of what the AR says. Which is just gonna make it difficult to get the damage up enough to ignore that.
the damage is surprising if you build it for damage. if you dont build for damage, you wont do damage. people dont seem to understand the concept. with dual clutch and crown of dusk (yes, you gotta be glass) at 12/25/25/25 I absolutely shred people. no, you will not do as much damage as is listed, but it doesnt matter because its a combo weapon and will do almost as much as buffed sellswords but with a better, harder to read moveset. rollcatches like a motherfu- and the running attack has the MOST range out of all running attacks, including spear charges.
These are absolutely beautiful, I wish they were better.
yea. if they were good they would be my main weapon. its sad that they were given such horable stats.
I guess you could use these feather dusters to tickle your opponents nipples. These things are about as useful as going in to fiddle a brick wall with limp pool noodles.