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Please tell me the range is more than 39 on this thing. If its 39 then the millwood greatbow would straight up outclass this bow.
It's 50 range for me...
The mildwood is the best greatbow m8
The Millwood does completely outclass this bow, even with the range difference. The Millwood does more damage, is a bit lighter, has a weapon art that can clear out an entire pack of enemies/gankers, and the lower range of the Millwood is still far enough to snipe people from a full 5 second sprint away. At that distance it's already hard as hell to aim accurately at anything that isn't holding perfectly still so a nudge up in range isn't much improvement. The only time I use the Dragonslayer is when I'm running a build that can't meet the higher strength requirements for the Millwood, and I'm always a bit bummed about it.
The range is 50 someone edit this plz


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Fixed the range and corrected location.
Thank you!
Make greatbows great again
dumb question: im on keyboard and the only way to shoot it is with shift + m1. i cant shoot while aiming. anyhelp?
Yeah, DS3's controls weren't optimized for mouse and keyboard. I have a mouse with more buttons than usual so I ended up rebinding the R2 and L2 equivalent buttons to M3 and M4 to get around this.
I haven't found a black knight equipped with a greatbow yet, where could I behold such a sight?
I thought that the Black knights primarily killed demons not dragons, the silver knights on the other hand killed dragons.
there might be one in the room with Gwynevere painting