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At 60/40/60 st/dex/fth refined & lightning blade full 2h R2 did 1200 dmg in pvp



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LKS is*****.... and this nice greatsword is the real deal. :)
I just finished getting to SL120, +10 Heavy infused, 60 Str, a smattering of Dex to reach the reqs for some weapons I wanted to use and the rest in End, Vit and Vig and I have to say I was impressed with how much this sword absolutely wrecked the Soul of Cinder when I beat the game.
Str 37 Dex 40 Sharp infuse, This sword have a lot of damage even have split damage but main physical damage also higher than Zweihander (not sure if compared with Sharp Astora UGS)
"Power-backstab people into nothingness with Dark infusion." Just tested +0 version of this and +0 Chaos Dagger Result: this - 600~, Chaos Dagger - 650~ Did i do something wrong?
wouldn't a Chaos infused LKGS do more critical damage than a Dark infused LKGS?
Depends on which enemy you tested this on as defenses may vary for Dark and Chaos. Regardless, Dagger ia an OP backstab tool.


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Can two-handed rolling R2 be parried?
Yes, as well as two-handed dash attack, they can be parried.
No they can’t
Stomp baiting never gets old, everyone falls for it for some reason
Everyone falls for the follow up r1 after stomp r1ing*
You know you can combo that stomp r1 into an R2 right? It's not well known. You've just been given wisdom from one of the few UGS Gods.
A sword with the same hilt but a thinner blade can be found thrust into the earth at various locations.
Sharp +10 gave me A scaling in dex, not B