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My beloved sword to defend The Grand Archieves.
Is there a way to get this early, as in, without opening grand archives to farm it or getting Greirat far enough to where he sells it?
Yes. Beat dancer early, and then farm it from the lothric knight guarding the sunbro statue right in front of dragonslayer armor.
Faster way. Buy it off Greirat after he returns from Irithyll.
I haven't opened the archives yet and I somehow have it. I think it dropped off some knights in Lothric Castle maybe. Or I bought it.
Does darkmoon blade work as well as lighnting on a quality build?
You'd only end up splitting dmg 3 ways. Jist use the sunlight blade and the lightning clutch ring and you should get around 900 ar if thats what you are aiming for.
Blessed gets higher damage at 60 faith and base stats then lightning infused, along with blessed being primarily physical, vs split. Blessed also gives a nice amount of HP regen, and when stacked with other regen tools it becomes quite powerful.
this, this right here ladies and gentlemen, is how you use this sword
This weapon is garbage. Starting with the basic of being split damage, which just lowers your overall damage per hit in exchange for being able to deal a bit of chip damage through sheilds... wait. This is an Ultra. If someone blocks you, you will almost assuredly break their guard in 1-2 hits. Kind of a moot point with this weapon, but it's there if you need it. Moving on, the moveset is pretty standard along with standard range and a standard weapon art. The weapon art is negligible as 2 years after the game released, no one left playing is noob enough to gather some frequent flier miles by deciding to trade when they hear the "whoosh" of the weapon art boosting your hyper armor over level 9,000. Infusions suck as you can't get rid of the split damage, but most amusing is lightning infusion. While on a standard, non split damage weapon, a lightning infusion will cut the pure physical damage by about 45% and give you an equal amount of lightning damage equal to your new physical damage, this weapon takes a slightly larger hit to physical but gives a much lower boost to lightning. Essentially, while it would appear marginally better as a lightning infusion weapon than a pure physical weapon infused the same way as a result of lightning being a slightly higher percent of total damage, it's not. Also blessed weapon works slightly different on this than other pure physical weapons that take a flat 50% hit to damage, this weapon takes a 50% hit to physical but only about 30% to the lightning, but both will then scale off faith which makes this weapon marginally better than everything else with a blessed infusion. But seeing as blessed infusions offer the worst overall damage gains just barely beating a raw infusion... I'm not sure it's worth mentioning it does one of the worst infusions the best. Will have to admit that the weapon looks cool, it just doesn't offer anything that another Ultra can't do ever better.
Highest AR in the game not sure what other ugs does better
With my faith build on the PS4 the LKGS does 1973 damage (heavy) and 900(light) with 273 when the enemy is using a shield
This is like one of the best ugs in game lmao, at least use the weapon before you spill out your ignorance.
One of the best? This is by far the strongest UGS in Dark Souls III and likely the strongest UGS across the Souls series. Amazing damage output, great range and moveset. The OP is trolling, no one is that out of touch.


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I re-did my stats to be able to 2H this weapon on a 60 faith build. With Blessed Infusion, it has ~700 AR (~480 Physical, ~220 Lightning). I tested it in 10 matches in PVP and I won 9/10. The Moveset on this thing is the best that I've seen for a UGS in PVP. It's got a rolling R1 poke attack and the R2 is a poke too. It's easy to hit people with these two attacks and if they come in close, no doubt rolling, the sweeping R1's almost always catch them. Pairing this with tears of denial and Lightning arrow or Way of the Corona (just for a distraction), makes for a very very strong 1v1 duel PVP build. For PVE, it works really well too with the HP regen, counter to skeleton resurrection, and powerful moveset. You can sub in a Med Heal as well for PVE and it basically extends your estus flasks almost exponentially (you can poise cast it too). So in other words: you are completely wrong.
"it just doesn't offer anything that another Ultra can't do ever better"
Wow, are you one of those mugenmonkey theory-crafters who barely play the game itself?

Scratch that, seems like you can't even theory-craft enough to see this weapon's greatness.
Incredibly wrong. Go back to using your Lothric Knight Sword. This is one of the best UGS in the game right next to the Zwei. It works on ANY build...even a dark/chaos build. Btw, split damage isn't bad in this game anymore. This weapon Blessed infused nets over 700 AR as well as Lightning. On any other build when buffed it can get to 700-800 AR.
quit your *****ing and git gud. No seriously stop it the weapon is fine you just don't like it. And if yo really don't like it post a video, because i'm pretty sure no one gives a***** on this forum.
ThIs WeApOn Is GaRbAgE. It JuSt DoEsN't OfFeR AnYtHiNg ThAt AnOtHeR UlTrA CaN't Do EvEr BeTtEr. How about we look at an actually good player's opinion :
Sorry if stupid question, but at something like 35/45 dex/faith which infusion would provide more dmg? Sharp + lightning blade buff or blessed/lightning infusion?
sharp and lightning buff
Uhhhh sharp and refined are best for physical damage? I have 16 dex, 64 str and according to soulsplanner a heavy infusion with these stats give more ar than a 40/40 build with a refined infusion AND 24 str, 60 dex with a sharp infusion. Thats physical ar btw. This page may need an update.
Youre right even at 40 strenght my heavy lothric greatsword deals more damage that a sharp one woth lightning blade gets even better
it actually doesn't but okay
my build for now (sl 82) and is byfar the best damage weapon for pyro with chaos (mine) or dark
If your looking for a strength faith build this is your weapon. Heavy infuse and use lightning blade. do not lightning infuse as it does less damage than with buff. You will also want to have good int to increase the power of the buff.
Blessed infusion is more effective IMO
Nah...this weapon Lightning Infused has the highest Lightning damage in game. Blessed is better for regen and for physical damage. But Heavy infused with a buff is good. But afterwards swapping to a Lightning infused one would be good as well.
At 60/40/60 st/dex/fth refined & lightning blade full 2h R2 did 1200 dmg in pvp