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I did some testing in faith spell Buff... basically each point of spell buff is 2.5 points worth of damage ADDED
Strength doesn't seem to affect spell buff i believe it relates to the unfaltering skill needs testing
At 60 faith this will be your go to battle talisman, poise weapon art (although it seems they really weakened it) and will have the highest spell buff for pure faith casters
Talisman is missing from it's location, anyone else has the same bug?
this talisman deals bonus damage when used with offensive divine miracles (Emit force, Wotg, Divine pillars of light and way of white corona). Its about 9-10 % in PVE, have not tested it in PVP. At 60 faith its maybe even stronger than yorshkas chime
Im not sure why but it seems I was kinda wrong. At around 45 faith the saints talisman dealt ca. 10% more damage with divine miracles compared to normal talisman/canvas talisman (spellbuff was almost the same). But at 60 faith theres no more extra damage bonus besides higher spellbuff. Got no idea why....
thats how wiki is worth nothing, when idiots are allowed to write whatever they want
Don't fall for the highest spellbuff bait, it has the lowest Hyper Armor of any talisman. You can get staggered with just 2 curved sword r1s
Then I guess you better learn spacing because with spellcasting, your spellbuff IS everything. It dictates how well your spell performs and if it's an efficient trade off to the FP consumed. Face tanking was always good if you're ganking or your opponent never learned what backstabbing is.


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I've run miracles for a while. I'll always take canvas or sunlight talisman over this. Usually I stick with sunlight because everyone and their mother runs UGS and I need the poise. With a dedicated miracle build even on a sunlight talisman you can win the trade if you poisecast something massive like sunlight spear. With this you won't win the trade because you'll just get your poise broken.
"Then I guess you better learn spacing because with spellcasting, your spellbuff IS everything." - Spoken like someone who has absolutely no experience with PvP whatsoever.
It's the 2nd best faith casting item imo, if you don't want to kill for the Yorksha Chime (6 more spell buff, no hyper armor). The hyper armor is low for this but good for everything else.
where can you upgrade it????
you don't upgrade talismans or chimes, they scale with faith
by the blacksmith in the shrine
Andre of Astora will upgrade it for you in the firelink shrine provided you have the souls and titanite for it. You can't infuse it though.
"you don't upgrade talismans or chimes, they scale with faith" - Don't speak if you have absolutely zero clue what you're talking about son.
between sunless talisman, saint's talisman & yorshka's chime which is the best for lightning and healing miracles? I've got 50 fth. and Sunless seems to give a much higher buff than the other 2. so why do people keep saying that the other 2 are better than Sunless? Could somebody plz explain?
There is four kinds of spellbuff base spellbuff and faith, int and luck(only mangrubb staff) scaling spellbuff. The base spellbuff seems to always be 100 or a x1 damage multiplier if you met any int and faith recuirements. The other three scale with your stats.

You can only see the total spellbuff but as a rule miracles only scale with faith spellbuff, sorcery with int spellbuff and pyromancies with both. NOTE the whole listed spellbuff is not always used.

Certain catalysts can give non standard scaling to direct damage spells. Other spells relying on spellbuff notibly weapon buffs and direct heals are never affected.

The following catalysts provide non standard buff scaling:
Izalifh staff, Caitha's chime, Sunless talisman -- provide both int and faith scaling to dark miracles and sorceries.
Crystal chime -- provides both int and faith scaling to magic sorceries and lightning miracles.
Deacon staff, Golden ritual spear, mangrubb staff -- provides faith/luck scaling to both dark and magic sorceries.

As a rule off tumb you should avoid multi scaling unless you are doing a pyro/hexer build and then make sure that your spells are supported by the catalyst hope this helps. :)
Sorry for the wall of text the formating disapered. :|
If at 50 FTH, your Sunless has a higher spellbuff than Yorshka's chime and saint's talisman then there's either 2 things going down:

1.) You must've also leveled INT.
2.) You must not have upgraded your Yorshka's Chime and Saint Talisman.

That spellbuff listed on Sunless isn't gonna be accurate because it is also including your INT (even at base INT for your starting class). Since healing and lightning miracles can only use FTH, Sunless is working as a lesser power that is usually inferior since it has a lower ceiling to give FTH in than the pure FTH catalysts.
At 60 faith saint's talisman is the strongest. Only second to yorshka's chime by a little. They are the only 2 that have an S-scaling with faith. It also gives the poise buff if you use the L2 button which is a weaker version of sunless or canvas Unfaltering Prayer but in pve when you can attack anything from a distance it's not that important. Sunless is only better if you have high intelligence and faith and you use dark miracles like dorrhy's gnawing.
Sunless scales with int and faith, but only on dark spells. Yorshka's is best for PVE, and for healing spells. If you use the talisman's skill, you can not get staggered by enemy attacks as much, making them good for casting, say, wrath of the gods, when there is a crowd around you.
Simply a must have for any sunbro cosplay cx
Wrong talisman, m9.