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guys plz tell me which was harder the twin princes or the way to get to them from the Dragonslayer Armour bonefire
Damn... it took me 5 tries.
There are barricaded doors oudside 6F where hollow gem can find. Pretty sure something is behind them


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I came here looking for an answer to exactly that. You can just about see between the boards, but I suspect they might just be the other side of doors that you pass on the way.
Anyone else have the roof fire demons before the great sword knight bug out? The first sometimes runs right off the edge and the other jumps off his perch and disappears into thin air. It doesn't happen every time, but often.
If you kill the dancer and the dragonslayer armour before you kill pontiff black hand still alive and you can't progress xD i did it at sl 20 and im stock xD



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If your stuck then go through the game and kill Pontiff dumbass, even if you could get through Grand Archives you still have to kill all the Lords Of Cinder to go to the final area.
The Ascended Winged Knights did not drop titanite Slabs for me, they dropped Large titanite Shards.
Kill all 3 together = slab
Did ANYONE actually fight all the enemies in the "Lothric Bridge of Glory"?


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Did anyone other than you not do that to warm up?



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There's literally no reason to try and fight through it all. You'll just waste time. It can't even be considered a "warm up"; the enemy AI patterns have literally nothing to do with the boss. It introduces no new enemies; they're all enemies that can be found on the High Wall at the start of the game. I think the bridge is intended as a gauntlet run for the player; you're supposed to run past everything to get to your final destination rather than try and brute force through a metric buttload of enemies.
My first run through the bridge I fough every one of them, even multiple foes at once.
I do until I unlock the shortcut before the boss, Then I never do it again.
You forgot an item here. It's the spell power within. It's in the same room as the witches locks whip
Anyone know if this area is related to the Duke's Archives?
From the positioning of Lothric Castle and the Grand Archive in relation to Anor Londo, I'd say yes. The Grand Archive/ Lothric Castle must've been built on top of the old Duke's Archive. Would also explain how Oceiros, the old King of Lothric somehow share an affinity with Seath the Scaleless.
I've beaten the game multiple times already and I still say my greatest achievement was killing the Grand Archives Gank Squad first try.
I feel so too, but I killed them by running back to the ladder that you kick down and baited the melee to fall, then for some reason only the mage followed so I killed him quickly and the archer only came AFTER his friend died. the axe guy had never seen a ladder before in his life and was stuck down there and I just rained arrows on him.
Is it just me or is the lock on really weird here? Because I just invaded someone and noticed it was extremely hard to lock on even though they were in plain sight...


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Maybe you were too far away to lock on
There's a dark room where lockon distance is significantly reduced