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Are you telling me, that we have to kill one of the most beloved, badass characters in the entire *****ing series!?
no, this is a different guy who just uses tarkus's armor (and the fume ultra greatsword)
infact tarkus died in DS1 in anor londo, this is just an impersonator who is nothing like the kind yet strong tarkus we knew and loved
Sullying Tarkus' good name by taking his armour and killing a bunch of people. Now everyone remembers him, instead of the golem-slaying badass who originally wore it.
There was once a proud knight of Berenike who fought alongside chosen undead even after his own death in Anor Londo. Renowned for his strength, even among knights like him, Tarkus was legendary. Destroyer of Iron Golems and Slayer of Female Genitalia alike, Tarkus will live on in all of our hearts. AND WHOEVER THE ***** THIS KNIGHTSLAYER TSORIG IS, HE BETTER PREPARE HIMSELF FOR THE WORLD OF HURT THAT HE HAS COMING FOR HIM.
They are also rare drops from the soldiers that use them that are in High Wall of Lothric.
Never mind. I mistook it for the Lothric Knight Greatshield
makes lothric twins easy
they are easy
They're easy indeed. I find it better to use a Dragon Crest unless you have a **** ton of vitality to spare
If Tarkus wasn't so clumsy on those rafters, he would beat Tsorig in an instant. He can solo Iron Golem with the bonus health and no cheese
Both +6 and +7 Stability (regular path) are 69.


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When my friends told me to try to design a shield for Dark Souls, I never thought I would actually win. Not only did my design make it into one of the best games of its time, but it was also not a random drop or item on the ground. It was attached to the most badass NPC in the game. Black Iron Knight Tarkus!

So happy to be apart of the legacy and to once again have the shield return for From Softwares' final game in the series, Dark Souls 3 through the Knight Tsorig. Great opportunity, awesome game, and the best community around. Praise the Sun and Tarkus!
You know that this game is in the game since Dark Souls 1 release and the shield contest was somewhere at the DLC release? And btw: The winner got a small shield, not a fking greatshield.

*this shield sorry boyos


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I mentioned above that the contest was indeed for Dark Souls. Not 2 or 3. It was not during the DLC release, it was held before the game was released so it could be in the game when it came out in 2011. There were 4 winners actually. The shield contest had one for every type of shield. Small, Round, Kite, and Greatshield. I won the Greatshield category. Such an awesome experience to be apart of the Souls series.
Your design has been putting pyros in their place for many years. I salute you sir.
Adam Ledzion, Thank you for the shield design, You made tanking pyromancers in DS1 and 3 Hilarious
Adam, your shield is a symbol of one of the most epic characters in dark souls, Black Iron Tarkus, EPIC!
I bet Lg was the tool who downvoted this. There's always a hater.
Black iron greatshield, light and easy...... Oh im sorry, I meant very heavy. SO HEAVY that only Black Iron Tarkus Cena can wield it like its weight was the one of a go***** sheep of paper. You need to go to your local gym in Lothric just to be able to lift it.
It's lighter than lithe if knight great sheiks too. As far as shields go though it's still super heavy because of the great shield status
Do you even havel's shield
tarkus signature was his sword which was so heavy only he could lift it and it wasn't his shield