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Neglecting the first one on the bridge will cause it to jump off the bridge into the water near the Distant Manor bonfire and sewers.
whoever made their damage output should be burned alive, same people can't fix hitboxes putting x5 boss dps
I just beat the 2 in the water reserve without cheese. It was fairly easy, I did get hit a few times and took lots of damage, but it was tolerable. I even got grabbed and survived only with about 50-100 hp left though. This is my first Souls/Borne game. If you know how to dodge they aren't hard at all.
you sound like a big 'ol blowhard
why all the downvotes? you gotta admit: that's amazing
Let's Befriend it !!! meant to say 'syke' after that last statement
Super easy fight. Reached this area when I was level 129. 3 great chaos fire orbs each. They just run around missing you. They have 8 eyes but are completely blind
well if you were level 129 no***** they were easy
I’m lvl 70 and I’m still trying to kill these, when I first got there I was lvl 40
They have six eyes. Who's blind now? *Laughs in Carim*
what am i doing at level 53 here?
Wow the fight was easy when you were double the SL most players are when they reach them? Amazing, who would have thought.
I wish these respawned
I love the downvotes haha
what an unpopular opinion
I don't...
when going to the reservoir i dont care if you have the cat ring or you cast spook i once used the ring i died when i jumped and lost over 13k souls
Don't jump from the top of the ladder, then. Go to just above the statue, or lower if you're feeling brave
The Silvercat Ring won't save you from a massive jump that triggers instant death, it only removes damage from jumps that don't clear the death threshold. It's not a free ticket to jump anywhere and survive.
I accidentally stunned/parried him on the bridge and critted him for ridiculous damage.

Not sure how I did it, but I defeated him super easily first try,
Hits on the head trigger this. its easier to perform if you unlock from the chest area target cross and than aim manually at the head in close combat.
Funny thing is....the same creature already existed in Bloodborne. Even funnier...similar beast existed even earlier in Castlevania LoS- Mirror of Fate. The Reaver.
It's funny you act like Dark souls 3 was AFTER bloodborne.
After I do the critical hit and it starts begging for mercy I can’t being myself to kill it :(
These pieces of cancer literally have nothing to live for. They are abominations, and I would genocide a country of these things were I given the chance to.
Just here to applaud the anon from february. Motivational speaker af
git gud...?
It's not begging. It's praying.