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This is actually way better than havel's.
definetely better than havel's. it increases my poise from 22 (full farron armor) to 74!! it's lighter than havels and has a better special skill imo.
It weighs 8 points less, sacrifices about 10-15% damage resist on every damage type besides physical, and has 2 points less of stability.

It's worse overall, unless you want a lighter shield. But, if you wanted a lighter shield, you'd be looking at something that isn't a greatshield.
Small theory that the two, at least, may be related, as well as the last giant. There needs to be some more context on this, as there are theories that Vendrick stole a lordvessel from them, or kidnapped one of their own, prompting the invasion in the memories of DS2.
No he wasn't the Giant Lord from DS2, but his home the Profaned Capital might be the area which Vendrick conquered long ago and transported giants from.
"The last giant IS the giant lord."

They've already said that's not true
The last giant IS the giant lord.
Greatshield of Glory is a regular drop shield, how come it is way better than this? it has higher stability and then it also less weight. both need 40 Str to equip

Not only does GoG lower your stamina by a ton, it also has less non-physical absorption which means you take more chip damage with that. Also, this increases poise by a lot (Which isn't super good in this game to be fair).
That greatsheild reduces your stamina regeneration as a cost to how good it is.
GoG lowers stamina regen by a *****-ton.
This almost doubles my poise compared to havels and im not sure why im at 63 poise with it on and 32 with havels on
While wearing this shield it gives you a buff that increases your poise by alot
This shield makes my computer crash.
this shield gives a lot of poise btw
Who could possibly be?
Your anus, but he failed
Siegmeyer in my op. Some speculate his giant buddies but in context Siegmeyer makes the most sense for me. He's the only friend of yhorm the game tells us about.
I know poise isn't /as/ effective as it used to be in DaS 1, but 35 free poise just for equipping a greatshield? Furthermore it doesn't necessarily seem like that much of a downgrade compared to Havel's shield, unless you take its skill into consideration.
" isn't /as/ effective as it used to be in DaS 1" I think what you meant to say is not working at all and is literally useless
But it is working, and it isn't literally useless. It literally works with and complements hyperarmor.
@06 May 2017 This comment is from a LOOOONG while ago. AKA when poise was only useful up until 1.0 points (where hyper armor was enabled) and gave you NOTHING after that.