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""""""""""""""""""""potent magic""""""""""""""""""""
Will anyone trade with me for this sword?
I could trade with you if you want, but I have not upgraded the sword at all.
I use ps4 for this game so it would be on there if you want to trade it for something my profile name is NotRightNowPlz just message me there and we can set it up. I do not really like the sword and I want a different one I will take probably anything like his brothers sword or the nameless king spear ect.
It's a straight sword that fits well into a quality build. Don't know why so many people want it to be buffed. Sure it's AR isn't as high as the other straight swords but How does that make it any worse? It's still a straight sword lol. I like to use it on my paladin role-play character. It's weapon art is awesome, it takes the best part of the regular ss wa (the guard break) and pairs it up with dat sexy laser beam that if you don't use until your opponent is almost dead can really catch them off guard and finish them off. It also has the ss move set, the best move set in the game period. This sword is proof that this game is balanced around invasions, not duels. This sword would be useless in a duel but in an invasion it's great.
I just personally wish it has a better faith scaling. It's a HOLY sword, for gwyn's sake. We already got so many quality straight swords, why not a faith one ?

That's my only issue with that weapon. It's fun for what it does, but the scaling is incredibly boring.
Honestly, if you could just cast buff spells or use resins on it, it'd be perfect for a Dex/Faith build for any purpose. I mean, it's still a Straight Sword with exceptional reach and a slightly better Weapon Art. Just. Shame about the AR.
just wondering if anyone has it to trade. i sadly dont have much to trade back but if you could be kind enough that would be great. my psn is zapzap2020. thanks.
It is so simple to get.
but i dont have the dlc.
its not a dlc weapon
100 bleed????
That’s crit ffs
Honestly I think this weapon is one of the best arguments that (some) boss weapons should have been infusable in DS3. It wouldn't take much to make this a weapon comparable to other Straight Swords. It's among the longest of the weapon class, it has the Longsword's excellent move set with an even better weapon art... Its AR is just slightly too low, considering its weight and stat requirements.
It's weapons like this that makes me which Divine and Occult returned in Dark Souls 3 as an auxiliary effect for weapons to be supereffective on certain enemies (and players). Or tweak Blessed and Dark to somewhat resemble those two better (without the magic damage).
How would you compare this to the sunlight straight sword which one is better I've been debating on doing s faith quality build but I'm having trouble deciding which one to use both seem to have good ar but it's a tough decision because both seem good
sss is better dmg wise (better scaling, wa super buff and being buffable) but lothrics got one of the best wa in the game for finishing people or just a surprise attack. over all i think sss is better for duels due to insane dmg, but long casting times. and lothrics is better for invasion due to wa being godly for chase downs. for pve sss no doubt because lothrics does less dmg and being the final boss
*Holy Lothric railgun spam intensifies*
Okay I’m legit thinking of trying to make a useable build with this weapon and I am using the mugentmonkey planner. It is showing the damage stats differently than what this page states. Can anyone confirm the damage values at the different caps?
I'm probably being unhelpful here, but this page is correct regarding the weapon's baseline damage w/ reinforcement. If you're looking at its damage with exact scaling bonuses according to your Str/Dex/Fth... well, I don't really understand how those numbers work, so I'm afraid I can't confirm that. I recommend this page, however, because it is generally correct enough to be reliable. That said, if this is the sword you want to use, go for it - once you master its special ability and supplement that into your combat technique, it is, analytical numbers aside, definitely worth it, esp. for Faith builds. A disclaimer, though: I personally subscribe to the "Fashion Souls" type of playing (I was a bleed cleric w/ Fth/Dex/End, using an unbuffed Corvian Scythe, Blood Crow Talons, Curved Wolf Greatsword, and Filianore's Chime, w/ Pontiff's Left Eye - i.e., crappy equipment choices), so I base equipment choice on taste, not numbers.