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Has fantastic poise for its weight and looks FABULOUS.
where exactly does it look "fabulous"?
Usually, cultures that adopt a deity have a name for it in their own language or culture (Yhave, Jehova, Ala or Jupiter, Zeus and Mars, Ares), and specially with politheistic religions that adopt other deities but already have their own either combine them to create one or add the new one to their one lore, and as we know that both Faraam and Gwyn's firstborn are a god of war and possibly THE god of war for some religions, looking at the helmet adornments that depict a dragonslayer and judging by the Lion theme associated with both, I think Faraam could be the name given by a new religion to either the Nameless King or Ornstein the Dragonslayer or a combination of both mixed through the ages through reimaginations of Gwyn's Firstborn and the workship to Ornstein, which gave birth to the creed and armor of the the Lion Knights of Forossa. The armor itself has a bit of both imo, it has the knightly feel of Ornestein but it's also bulkier and less polished, akin the Nameless King's savagery, more so with the shoulder mane.

To me the most plausible scenario is that when Gwyn's Firstborn was outcasted there was already a cult in his name, the members of this cult might have even been persecuted and those who survived eventually founded Forossa and the name of their god of war eventually developed to Faraam.
bs and you know it. Most of DS2 isn't even canon my try hard bro
You can’t say DS2 ain’t canon. It takes place in a whole other area, plus earthen peak is in 3 so clearly it was canon.



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Earthen peak isn't the only thing that proves DS2 is canon, 1. Drang Set in Cathedral of the Deep, 2. High Lord Wolnir crushed the 4 crowns in this gamer to make his own, 3. The Curse of the Undead remains to be severely weakened thanks to Aldia, 4. the Lingering Dragon Crest ring states the ring came from a land well before drangleic, in DS1 it came from vinheim. 5. Several other weapons from DS2 are in DS3 such as the Fume UGS. 6. the Lord Vessel is found underneath the Manor in Majula, 7. DS2 takes place several thousands of years after DS1, just like 3 takes place an even greater amount of time beyond DS2. 8. their is portait of Nashandra, the final boss of DS2 and Queen of Drangleic in Irithyl of the Boreal Valley. it's possible that during Dragnleic's reign, they had some sort of relations with Gwyndolin in Irithyl. 9. on that note Nashandra and the other Queens (not Mytha, lol) are fragments of Manu's soul 10. the Blue Sentiels from DS2 make it into DS3 where its relvelaed they are actually a human offshoot of the Darkmoon Blades.
hard work do downvote all the Faraam autists here.
wait, so is faraam the name of the nameless king? the nameless king is the god of war and this set was named after a god of war
Yep. Faraam is the first born.
Or is he....
This set is one of the absolute sexiest looking in the game.


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I fail to understand thy statement.
Faraam is kratos operating undercover in the souls series
T-time for some Dark souls 2...
How much vitality do I need for this set? I want to use this for a faith strength build
What weapon are you planning on using? That has to be accounted for if you want a good estimate
either lothric or cathedral knight greatswoord.
In that case I'd say around 30ish with Ring of Favor
I mean literally everybody knows this fashion already but Faraam helm, alva body, and any other armored gauntlets/leggings is quite fashionable