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I have terrible luck and good dex (38). What should I infuse it with?


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This sword R2 have poise more than other katana? more insane if you have poise over 40
I have found this sword to be the bane of parry spammers. Its short range and advancing attacks make its rhythm hard to grasp, and it has enough speed to pressure a habitual button-masher into sacrificing their own rhythm. The flow of the fight is best controlled with weapons like this one. Be careful, however, to vary the time you hold your heavy attacks. If you always go for the full charge, you’re predictable.
ummm so i killed this mimic but got the mimic head instead. not complaining (mimic head is sweet) just confused, so how do i get the sword now?
nvm the item respawned when i died after realizing the mimic head was draining my health.