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I have terrible luck and good dex (38). What should I infuse it with?


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This sword R2 have poise more than other katana? more insane if you have poise over 40
I have found this sword to be the bane of parry spammers. Its short range and advancing attacks make its rhythm hard to grasp, and it has enough speed to pressure a habitual button-masher into sacrificing their own rhythm. The flow of the fight is best controlled with weapons like this one. Be careful, however, to vary the time you hold your heavy attacks. If you always go for the full charge, you’re predictable.
ummm so i killed this mimic but got the mimic head instead. not complaining (mimic head is sweet) just confused, so how do i get the sword now?
nvm the item respawned when i died after realizing the mimic head was draining my health.
At +10 and sharp the black blade has an A dex ranking
It's funny - even with a heavy infusion, it does pretty decent. I grabbed it out of pure boredom on my guy (60 Str)
With its shorter blade it could qualify as a Wakizashi, samurai/ronin fashion souls :D
Randomly upgraded this based solely on the aesthetic and it's surprisingly really good. Not bad for a***** weeb sword.
I wonder why katanas in japanese games are always highly overpowered. Hmm...
probably because a katana is formidable by anyone standards
"Highly overpowered"
Katana's actually aren't particularly formidable as far as swords go on the world stage of medieval warfare. Longswords, arming swords and swords like rapiers or estocs are much more versatile and reliable against all kinds of opponents, armoured, shielded or not. Katana's are beautiful, but impractical outside of Japan.
This blade is absolutely amazing. It's short but you'd never know; half of the moves include a good step forward. I used to think it just needed a standing thrust attack (like the Longsword R2) but after PvPing with it (40 dex, 60 int, SL 132, sharp infusion with crystal magic weapon) having the redundancy of moves that start the same but have different swing speeds (for example, WA R1 and 1H R2) has allowed me to catch so many parry spammers off guard. And make so mistake, that 2H R2 is the king of roll-catching, it's perfectly timed to land and, as only as their not <30% load, you'll hit them a lot.