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Shoots 2 insect swarms compared to Gnaw's 1 insect swarm making it larger and harder to dodge.
This is not correct. This spell's bullet has the same collision radius as Gnaw's. The 2 insect swarms are just a part of its visual effect.
Another interesting fact: the Evangelist version only does 170 bleed. This is likely the only place where a technique gets stronger in player's hands.



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Removed hitbox speculation, reworded and cleared up statements around non-scaling bleed buildup and dark damage scaling
As it turns out this thing is the ultimate cryptonite for the demon princes. I watched Prod's video and ended up underestimating this miracle for PvE.


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Don't worry, everyone underestimates this miracle. If something is weak to bleed, it gets bled in one hit. If it isn't weak to bleed, it's bled in two hits. Including bosses.

It's easymode for everything that isn't explicitly immune to bleed.
Could this be viable in a bleed/hollow build? Making it a faith/bleed/hollow/luck build. Just thinking.
The bleed buildup on this miracle doesn't scale at all with luck, so this would probably be better suited for a dark/pyro or faith build, rather than hollow builds - you could possibly fire this off and then go ham with your bleed weapons to get rapid bleed build-up, but it would probably be best to allocate the points in faith elsewhere, if you don't intend to do much else with the stat.
I constructed a specialist bleed dex/miracle build (disgusting, I know) focused on applying the bleeding proc, and it makes certain bosses complete pushovers. Blood Warden Twinblades + Dorhy's Gnawing repeatedly killed the NG +7 version of Lorian and Lothric in under a minute. I think Refined Warden Twinblades with Carthus Rogue are better, because in the same fight it seemed like they got the bleed proc to trigger more regularly and consistently than the blood gem, while also doing more regular damage.

Dorhy's Gnawing would proc the Dancer immediately most of the time, while Lorian and Lothric required two, sometimes three. The Demon trio were completely annihilated by Dorhy's Gnawing, with the proc occurring on single hits for insane damage. Roll, cast the spell, roll, cast the spell, dodge, etc. It makes that fight completely trivial.
Unless using a luck build, using a damage infusion and Rouge buff is always best. Luck builds likewise should use hollow infusion.
You can cheese Sister Friede with this very simple
Are there any rings or buffs that hasten the bleed buildup?
No. A bleed weapon buffed with Carthus Rouge should only take 1-2 hits to proc bleed on a player if you land this spell once.
How quickly could this spell tear the demon prince a new one, and what would be the optimal build to do so?
about 3 hits to bleed on the demon prince and its associates
Caitha Chime with equal Int/Fai will do the most dark damage. The bleed proc is the main source of damage if the enemy isn't weak to dark.
This miracle is one of the most underestimated spells in the game for the DLC bosses on low SL runs. Even at SL30 you can respec to have the 25 faith for this easily, and Sister Friede and the Demon Prince can both be hit with it from afar while the NPC phantoms distract them. On some bosses it procs immediately - Father Ariandel will take 900 damage per cast in NG, and with Sister Friede it will proc on the 2nd cast. Sister Friede is one of the only bosses that drives me crazy on low SL runs and whenever I've had enough of trying to melee her with my piddly +1/+3/whatever weapons I spec this spell in and get her on the first try.
Caitha Chime, Iron Round Shield, and a raw bleed weapon buffed with rouge are my basic kit for anime bosses. I like Painting Gaurdian Curved Swords, Barbed SS, or Uchigatana; all available early. Most bosses immune to bleed can be had with frostbite. All of the frostbite weapons and spells can be had pretty early on as well. Human type enemies that can be staggered get rekt by Boulder Heave. For everyone else there's Lightning Blade/bundles on LKGS, DSA, or a high DPS weapon with damage the boss is weak or not resistant to. Unless, you know, CBV just 5 shots them... Aldritch anybody?
This vs Affinity on high int/faith build? Which one do you think is better? I'm being pulled towards this (mainly due to already having 40 faith on my character) but is Affinity better for PvE? (I'm not doing pvp, I usually go unembered, only using ember right outside the boss area to avoid invasions and wasting ember on me underestimating foes)
It depends on what enemies you 're fighting. Dorrhy's Gnawing is extremely potent for example when you are fighting nameless king second phase and twin prince demons. And every other human-like enemy that can bleed. On the other hand i don't have experience with dark spells but if your faith is already high and you are not interested in pvp you can go for 60 faith, then get saint's talisman or yorshka chime (both have S-scaling) and use 1.sunlight spear and 2.lightning arrow as offensive spells. They are so powerfull in pve since most bosses and tough enemies(knights, armoured units, etc..) have lighning weakness.