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I guess the ring just doesn't work sometimes because I just got sniped by a phantom while I was wearing it.
this or hacker... lel
Did something give you away? Throwing knife, random arrow to the knee, buff visual effects?
This ring needs to be NERFED -_-
From my knowledge it’s already been nerfed
You'll never see it coming!!!
Looking cool, ashen one!
And his name is ASHEN CENA!
This ring should be exclusive only to Rosaria's Fingers and only work when you have the badge equipped. Make it worth equipping the Rosaria's badge.
Great idea! Also the Prisoner's Chain should only work in Irithyll Dungeon and only when you are inside one of the cells, the Ring of Favor should only work when you are actively doing someone a favor, and Lloyd's Sword Ring should only work for people whose real life names have been verified by From as "Lloyd."