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DS3 players: “hornet ring op! It ruins low levels!” Dark hand: “Am I a joke to you?”
Me: *equips hornet ring, dark hand, and caestus* NECK.
i see you're a man of culture as well...
Hornet ring at low levels is fine, there isn't enough damage output in crits for it to function as a 1-shot like it does at the higher levels.
These comments are hilarious. All I see are casuals who are not good enough at the game to learn to parry or counter it. Pathetic.
What comments? XD All it is are you losers pretending there are
I know right? The casual tears will flow
Scrolled for a while and didn't see anyone complaining about the ring, only ppl complaining about ppl complaining lol
yeyeyeyeye <3 i wuvvy luvvy this ring UwU my twink builds do Soooo much damage :3 I love invading in the undead settlement and pretend to be good Uuuuhhh i get *slurp* *click* noice vibes in my peepee when i rek noobs xd UwU <3
Filthy twinks >.<
I hate this comment so much
He sounds like the embodiment of a dex user. By that I mean a complete and utter homo.
He sounds like either a no lifer troll or someone really dumb who need that kind of advantage to win anything. Anyway if I ever meet him solo he is meat. Git gud noob <3
This is true and the way the comment was written had me dying for minutes lmao
i *****ing love the people who read this and took it seriously xDDD like omfg get a life its a joke peeps but hey without them who would we have to laugh at
You sound like an epic *****
lol your just crying cause you suck fam.
this kid ate one too many tide pods
Wow please never exist again
Man I use dex and I ain't as *****ed up as this
Does it stack with RTSR?
I never leave home without it!
Does it work with dark weapons yet?
No, and it never will. From isn't going to patch this game again.
I don't understand why people hate this ring, if you try parrying attacks you would know it is really hard to get the timing down, so before you complain you should try, and just use ultras and 2 hand them if your having trouble with it.
Because someone with a crit build can spam 30 parries and if just one lands they can win. It's like beating the***** out of someone in a 5 minute boxing match and at the last second they pull out a shotgun and claim to be the better boxer.
Possibly due to people parrying turtling (AKA waiting for you to attack just to parry you mixed with constant backstab attempts
"Because someone with a crit build can spam 30 parries and if just one lands they can win." If you let someone attempt a parry 30 times, and 29 of them fail, and you haven't yet killed that person, you are by FAR the*****tier player. That's all there is to it.
Isn't teh dmg reduced on pvp?
Nope. Get 1-shot riposted by someone with a hornet ring on and you'll see that it's definitely not reduced for PvP.
Years later, and people still make excuses for this ring? Let's get something very clear: spamming parries with a hornet ring does NOT make you a good player. In fact, it makes you a pretty terrible one.
U mad bruh?
Of all the DS players I’ve spoken to, parrying is too hard to master to bother trying. I on the other hand hand pretty much mastered it. So, I’m better than you, scrub.
Valid, and then there's the aforementioned "BUT IT'S FAIR, GIT GUD" morons that seem to either have forgotten, or don't realize, that counter-spam in basically any PVP game ever is considered cheap cheese. Perfect blocking is one thing. Nobody has an issue with that because perfect blocking tends to have no offensive abilities. But when you're entire strategy is based around punishing the other player for attacking you, which they HAVE to do, you're not better, you're a troll, and the only people who will applaud you are other trolls. Go into any competitive game, play in a tournament, and spam nothing but counter skills. See how people react to you. Then come back here and spout your "BUT IT'S IN THE GAME, SO IT'S FAIR IN PVP" garbage.
Whenever i'm fighting a player and think they will be trying to parry / has tried to already (or sometimes just when they have the ability to do so), i focus more on using non-parryable attacks (WA & jump attack). But ofc, relying on just that would be a bad idea against a good portion of players. So I just make sure to not be predictable and dont make an obvious straight line dash towards player followed by r1, for example. If they are literally spamming parry like a *, then i guess you can purely rely on WA & jump attack, especially if they using fist type weapons for parrying, since they take extra (instability) damage right after the failed parry. I hardly ever see ppl just spam parry tho.