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DS3 players: “hornet ring op! It ruins low levels!” Dark hand: “Am I a joke to you?”
Me: *equips hornet ring, dark hand, and caestus* NECK.
i see you're a man of culture as well...
These comments are hilarious. All I see are casuals who are not good enough at the game to learn to parry or counter it. Pathetic.
What comments? XD All it is are you losers pretending there are
Scrolled for a while and didn't see anyone complaining about the ring, only ppl complaining about ppl complaining lol
yeyeyeyeye <3 i wuvvy luvvy this ring UwU my twink builds do Soooo much damage :3 I love invading in the undead settlement and pretend to be good Uuuuhhh i get *slurp* *click* noice vibes in my peepee when i rek noobs xd UwU <3
Filthy twinks >.<
I hate this comment so much
He sounds like the embodiment of a dex user. By that I mean a complete and utter homo.
Does it stack with RTSR?