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Weak. Just use the Lothric Knight Greatsword. It has Lightning Damage and can still be Infused AND buffed. I really see no reason to use this other than the better fashion and better moveset.


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>I really see no reason to use this other than the better fashion and better moveset. Those are two pretty good reasons.
You literally stated why people use it in your second sentence my guy.



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I'll be honest, everybody says, "This weapons sucks" or "this weapon is just mediocre" but I used it on a SL 200 character with around 90 STR and ~60 DEX and it devastates health bars while simultaneously deleting what broken remnants of poise are left on players hit by it. if you don't have the patience to lvl this weapon and your stats with it, but you have enough time to whine about how bad it is, just don't use it then and pretend it doesn't exist. Point is just stop complaining and use it right, and if you can't, don't use it.
"...on a SL 200..." Are you joking right now? I'm not even saying that this weapon is bad, because its not. But on SL 200 a *****ing broken sword is amazing weapon. "...with around 90 STR and ~60 DEX...". You must be *****ing trolling.
With 40/40 str/ dex on level 100 this Beast almost oneshot every phantom with the combo R1 and Jump atack, and the poise uuf<3
what is the drop rate on this thing? i was farming for at least 45 minutes at untended graves with 157 item discovery and got 0.
I was practising parrying and farming them yesterday with just symbol of avarice, gold sev +3 and 7 luck. Got 2 in 30 mins
157 item disc. is way too low. I did not level up luck so far (lvl 7) but can my discovery goes up to 420 with gold serpent ring, symbol of avarice and with coins
300+ or die
I had the same issue. I was farming for over 30 minutes with no luck but now I have 5 when I wasnt looking for it
forgot to list it has a .000000001 % drop chance
"At 40/40 Str/Dex this weapon has 612 AR and becomes stronger than the Greatsword by 11 points on top of being lighter and having an arguably better moveset." It's worth noting that at 40 Str only on a Heavy Greatsword, the AR is just slightly higher (615 if I recall), so you ultimately get similar damage with lower stat requirements, plus greater range. The BKGS is indeed lighter, but that can be offset by funneling some points from Dex into Vit. In the end, the BKGS really just stands on its unique moveset and bonus damage against Demons.
This weapon has pseudo combo wich goes R1->L2->R2 as seen in this video: timestamp 3:12
Can't remember when I used a quality weapon last time. Weapons with heavy and dark infusions dominate this game so much that a quality weapon needs to have a very usefull ability if it wants to be a competitor. BK Sword or the Paired RKGS are 2 of these.
Returning to my point on 14 Feb 2019, It goes to show that with the patience to take this into ng+3 or higher, it can still almost 2-shot people with RoF+3, RoSP+3 and 40+ vig
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