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this thing kicks *** PvE and PvP alike. When i go up against the common GS and UGS meta i just have to bait a hit, dodge and catch them as they roll. it also seems people have a hard time parrying this thing too but they might've just been bad at parrying
Popular =/= meta
ugs meta kek
today i learned corvids are ravens!
imagine that
If you think about farming for this thing then know that, without a gold serpent ring, the shriving stone and story teller staff have a much higher drop rate than this thing.
I've been here for two hours already
Send help...
I got it fairly easily...guess I just got lucky for once
I have been using this weapon for a while in PVP, and it's not half bad! It got unpredictably fast attacks and the range somewhat compensates for the lack of poise during attacks. My tactic is R1 R1 R2 or R1 R2. Another combo that I use (which rarely hits all the way to the end, but if it does, the enemy is screwed) is R1 R1 R2 R1 R2 or R1 R1 R2 WA.
I am curious, with a Raw infusion + one of the Pyro/Soc/Miracle weapon buffs would that be better than using a Elemental infusion? Like Say Raw +10 With Fire Buff Vs Fire/Chaos +10 and no Pyro buff. Which would be stronger? I am a Magic user. Currently have 42Int and like 30Faith. I am assuming the Infusions but was wondering just how much stronger, as of course the Raw infusion would allow the use of quite a few different weapon buffs which would make it more versatile
Sorry I'm late but wanted to say that if you are using a +10 pyro flame, Carthus Flame Arc should add 172 AR to any weapon, with 40 Int and 40 Faith (which isn't far off from you). A +10 Chaos scythe with 16 strength, 18 dex, 42 int and 30 faith would have an AR at 509. The AR if it was Raw with the same stats (before any buffs) would be 317. So Carthus Flame Arc could make it deal 489 damage for the 90 seconds after the buff starts. Keep in mind this is split damage though, with Choas dealing more fire damage than physical, and the Raw one dealing more physical than fire.
Chaos+10 509 AR
Raw with Fire buff 489 AR
I have a hybrid build and just infused the scythe with a Magic Gem, and now it deals just under 550 HP per hit. I have 61 STR, 51 DEX, and 45 INT. Raw infusion only brings it to about 350, plus a buff would cap it 500. Better for earlier gameplay, but after level 200 or so, it scales much better with the appropriate infusions. Of course, this brings its physical attack down to about 275, same with magic attack, but the split damage shouldn't be a problem with most enemies or invaders.
Love this weapon. It's medium-to-long range, it's fast, and it has both vertical and horizontal sweeps for fighting large groups, or taking on a single enemy in a narrow space. While not incredibly powerful, it's heavy enough to stunlock humanoid enemies and PvP invaders, allowing you to build bleed against them fairly quick. Sure, you also build up blood loss yourself, but it feels more like a baseless threat than anything. It only rises by maybe 5% with each swing, and depletes faster than a normal bleed build. It's only ever a problem against a massive group, like the Deacons of the Deep, but it's still completely manageable with a collection of red moss clumps. Best of all, it seems any attack that connects with the enemy's head or neck does even higher damage, not just the weapon skill, so some hits, if matched with the enemy's bleed build, will net close to 2000 HP of damage in just one combo!
The Corvian Scythe isn't gloo-ed to your hand, people. It's just plain stupid to go against the Deacons with a weapon that will kill its wielder if he hits to much enemies in a short time. Exile GS + Sharp infusion. Here you go.
Better than Exile GS--Old Wolf Curved GS, if you have it. WA allows for crowd clearing, followed by a damaging backflip, and since consecutive hits restore HP, you can easily gain back 500 HP or more with just one use.

Still, Corvian Great Scythe is bae for PvP.
*continues killing the Deacons with the Corvian scythe looking fashionable as hell*
Or just the regular great scythe...
May you and your spawn be damned forever!
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Hollow inufsed has a B scaling in dex at +10
Blessed Infusion actually grants an S scaling in Faith, at least past +4
You lot can say what you want, for me this is the worst weapon in the series. It's a awful weapon; nothing more than a reskin of an earlier scythe that did it better, it's bleed is downright frustrating to deal with especially with gank bosses and overall, a horrible weapon.
Memes aside, I don't think there's a single weapon in the series that's weaker than the Ladle in Dark Souls 2, so you can say what you want, but you're wrong.
Isn't bleed in this game is useless on any weapon? Also on dark build it deals good damage shreds through shields and it has one of the longest (if not the longest) range in the game (even compared to some spears), though after burial blade all scythes from dark souls feel underwhelming.
"for me this is the worst weapon in the series"....well someone else won the world ps4 tournament with it beating the person who won the pc tournament.
what. This is probably one of the best weapons in the game lol.
Agreeing with an earlier post here, with a dark Infusion you become a turtle builds worst nightmare. Even a yhorm or havel shield. Not even great magic shield can stop you