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That's enough to fully upgrade one weapon and partially upgrade the other (to +3). The rest need to be bought or farmed.
Can be farmed from the rock lizards in archdragon peak.
you can actually find 54... there's 24 in archdragon peak and grand archives alone
You don't farm for the Scales specifically. You farm souls, then buy them in infinite quantities from the Shrine Maiden once you've gotten the Dragonchaser's Ashes from Archdragon Peak
where can they be farmed?
How many titanite Scales do you need to get a boss weapon to +4?
16 I think
15, which costs 300,000 souls to buy. Read the trivia and it tells you
I got a few scales from the rock lizards too
there's on in the consumed king's garden when unlocking the shortcut
I think theres only one dropped at farrons keep
Nope. There definitely are 2 at Farron perimeter =)
Today I found out, that they are acutally very easy to farm. I wonder if they nerf it on the long run


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Piss off
Could someone please fix the error "...with the single exception of the Cleric's Candlestick well as some other weapons..." It's a contradiction. I won't because I am just too lazy to go and start. Thanks n' much love.



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It's correct that the candlestick is the only boss weapon not needing scales to upgrade, the rest of the sentence is just badly written since it's supposed to mean that some other weapons also requires scales to upgrade.
But the cleric's candlestick is not the only one?? The tailbone short sword also uses titanite scale
Both scales and twinkling drop from the rock lizards.
Got one of these from the rock lizards at Archdragon Peak
I prefer to farm Midir instead
titanite scale right after demon prince boss fight in ringed city, behind you after you are carried by the demons
One also drops by the crystal lizard in the area of the first giant summoner.