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Step One: Get Hidden Body
Step Two: Get Slumbering Dragon Ring (I think it is called, the one with the muffle sound effect)
Step Three: Ignore 90% of the game as no enemies will ever know you are there.
Bonus: It becomes even more effecient if you also run with ring that increases buff duration since I believe Hidden Body counts as a buff.
Testing damage stacking of sorceries from different items for PVE sniping (one shot kills using hidden body and soul spear).

Lloyd's sword ring increases spell damage.
Scholar's candlestick increases spell damage even if two handing the staff to use weapon art, and no need to level faith to meet requirements.
Flynn's Ring has no effect.
I didn't notice any damage increase from Pontiff's Right Eye when using Great Farron Darts, but could only get about 5 hits in on a Pontiff Guard before he died. Might not be enough to proc.
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The sorcerer class for me has always been the OP start. Two reasons -one is the soul arrow spell and two the starting weapon is the best critical and shield punching weapon around.

Just set the Shield Breaker raw, buff it with magic or applied buffs and you won’t really need any other weapon for PVE. I’m not sure about PVP for I’m offline, cannot afford it. Anyway, everyone complains about the hard strength start but with the high starting luck but honestly, your prime is magic and not melee.
There are only 8 weapons in the game that a sorcerer can onehand without any stat investment or rings: Dagger, Bandit's Knife, Handmaid's Dagger, Mailbreaker, Stormruler, Rapier, Caestus and the Dark Hand.
i did before i lost my account
Just use Pestilent Mist
I am wanting to use the Great Scythe with a Crystal infuse and basically go for a battle mage build. I am not very good with how gems hurt and help scaling yet. using my magic to punish foes from afar but be able to also fight up close. The Great Scythe has a pretty nasty sweet spot with it's range, or so I feel. Thoughts?
Just put Crystal on it so it can get int scaling and it should be fine
casul class