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Excellent during a SL1 play through, especially when infused with raw. Has the highest AR of any straight sword at SL1 when infused with raw, and when buffed, the AR can reach over 400.

To overcome the faith requirement, wear the Priestess Ring.
uhhmm no the longsword and the broadsword both have higher ars than the *** when raw with 309 and 322 respectively
This sword is strange. It has faith sacling, but max is only c, and this means that long sword would be better. Like wtf are those weapons man.
???? it literally does not have faith scaling
Omg! the silver knight straight sword, it EXISTS!! Praise the sun!
Where my Astora long sword
Dammit from, I don't have a problem with you nerfing stuff that you think needs nerfing, but why did you literally have to make this a worse version of the longsword? Couldn't it at least be a reskin? It's such a shame because it looks gorgeous.
This sword is ***
Well, at SL120 I have it up to 434 ar. Used a hollow infusion with 35/30/40 Str/Dex/Lck. For reference, a refined longsword with 40/40 Str/Dex is 428. The downside to the Hollow *** is it costs a lot of points into 3 stats to attain that ar at SL120. One upside though, is the *** uses less stamina than all the other popular SS's, and the Hollow infusion of course gives +5 luck, mitigating the 12 Fth requirement.

At SL 135 40/40/40 it would be 454 ar, it would beat out most of the other SS's as it scales well with LCK.

In short, it's not as bad as people make it out to be. At higher SL's it can actually reach a higher damage ceiling than most other SS's. But it takes high investment, making it terrible at lower SL's where each stat point is precious.
Why are the scaling such garbage?