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Because Yhorm is a diferent type of giant from all the others
That's giantist
Cuz yhorm is not a big boi giant like the rest and the other giants are much more big boi dan yhorm the big boi boi
Gamewise : Miyazaki only made it for players to cheese Yhorm. Lorewise : Yhorm is different giant from other giants.
Sadly it doesn't affect the other giants only yhorm, something about the other giants being different to yhorm.


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Different species. Yhorm is the Seed of a Giant Tree breed of giant.
If I fully upgrade it, does its WA deal more dmg to Yhorm in his fight, or is it just a waste of materials?


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It's a waste. You can upgrade it for more damage with normal attacks, or you could just go back to your better weapon after the fight is over
I made an Odinson(Thor) fashion with a STR+FTH build, and use this and a lightning-infused Blacksmith Hammer. Artificially makes the game a bit harder if you're finding it too easy, lol.
I got two Storm Rulers in a single NG.
I walked into Yhorm's boss fight and Siegward immediately appeared with one of these in hand. I assumed Siegward was the one supposed to kill the boss so I just rolled around and watched onion bro kill the giant by himself. After the fight I was automatically teleported to another boss.
When I came back to Yhorm's room I looted the Storm Ruler in front of the throne and then I got a second one along with Siegward's loot.
There are 2 of them in the lore.
Is that me or the weapon art actually scall with luck?
How can this thing kill a giant lord without being upgraded, but it needs to be +3 before it can kill a f****ng rat?
Because it says it's most effective against Giants. It holds the power of storm that brings Giants to their knees. That's also why it's known as the Giant slayer.
Two words: Gimmick weapon
In pvp, the closer your opponent more DMG this weapon skill will do. So, if your opponent is using light armor it does up to 1k dmg very close and around 550 dmg to full havel armor. at medium distance it does around 500 dmg to light armor and 200~300 to heavy armor. this WA has insane poise but paifully slow, so its recommended to use WA against heavy weapon users. go try it yourself, its very fun weapon.
forgot to mention it was fully upgraded and strenght/dex 40/35
when Frog from Chrono Trigger parts the mountain with his sword
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