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"Long Dildo is a Weapon in Gank Souls 3." Ok.
The sad pert is, they're kinda right
I'll just add this:

Heavy (60 Str): 405
Sharp (60 Dex): 423
Refined (40/40): 428 - (60/60): 478

I think this makes this weapon one of the best 1h swords in the game followed by the Short Sword for infusions and by the Lothric Knight Sword for Dark infusion and buffs.
Unless it's the Broadsword table, this Longsword table isn't fully updated.
I checked the Fire and Deep infusions of both the Longsword and the Broadsword because I thought the higher damage made the Broadsword better with a split damage infusion.
It does. Obviously both are useful.
Except, one of these is not updated. Both swords are very very close in stats, but here, there's like 20-30 AR of difference, and if you check other more regulated tables on reddit, you'll find they're consistent with the game.

I'm pretty sure I remember a nerf to straight swords a long time ago. Weird that it's not edited here yet.
Why does my damage increase with strength more than with dexterity with this weapon using the regular, non-upgraded Longsword?
A Regular Longsword has slightly better Strength scaling than Dexterity scaling this time. It might look like they're both D at +0 but the strength scaling is a "higher" D than the dex scaling's D.
Why does the Damage Table not display the parenthesis/scaling value? It displays the Scaling but not the numerical end result. A Refined +10 weapon deals 203 (???) damage with B/B Strength/Dexterity scaling? Why is the parenthesis value excluded?
Incase anyone's wondering, the parenthesis value is the damage that your stats add.
"....great PvP weapon for any caster build" More like for any build
Mainly caster builds since it has really low requirements which a lot of caster cant put points into



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making this my new main weapon in pvp and pve
Dark infused Longsword, it's already a meme, a cancer in the ***
Most versatile sword in the game
You can cosplay Fume Knight by having this in main hand, FUGS in offhand (you can even do one of his real combos with r1 r1 r2 l2 with this setup) outrider knight helm, iron dragonslayer armor, ringed knight gauntlets, outrider knight leggings. And when you get to half health you can twohand FUGS and buff with charcoal pine resin lol.