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Oh hell no, it weigh make up for that damage


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I'm 60/60 str/Dex build with 60 vit, 60 vig, 60 end, 20/20 fth/int and the best weapon I've seen for my stats is black Knight great sword. At full r2 I can swing 1500 roughly with no magic buff.


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With your stats a refined drakeblood sword is a bit better
So... you're a "waste 20 points past the soft cap in almost every category" build?
-> has the best ugs moveset
why lol? even without resins or spell buffs i can usually kill people with 2 or 3 hits. and being that the standard r1 is a guaranteed 2 hits, it's pretty much an easy win every time.
"-> has the best ugs moveset" LOL! Vertical UGS have such an inferior moveset pool compared to horizontal. Horizontal is much more beneficial and has many hidden combos that Vertical UGS do not have.
@anon 21 Sep 2018 please realize that 1 handing a vertical moveset UGS always grants horizontal moveset while 2 handed vertical movesets are always stuck with it one handed or not.
*two handed horizontal movesets.
Don't ya'll think this is just a lil bit overrated? I mean my heavy greatsword gets just a tiny bit less ar and weighs so much less.
depends on which moveset you like more.
But i like to smash ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
I've beaten Tsorig twice now (ng, ng+) and haven't gotten this.
You won't get it if you kill his phantom, you will need to go in to the Old kings antechamber and kill him
The whole antechamber spiel is quite misleading. Tsorig is near the room where the basilisks are and there are less enemies to get in the way when going there from the Demon Ruins bonfire.
this >>>> greatsword on a str build
Considering this is one of the few weapons that made it form DS2 it kind of sucks that it is so nerfed and long forgotten in the law that i just can't like using this anymore. This absolutely destroyed in DS2 and boi..... did i work hard for it.

Such a shame you can't get the satisfaction from using this in this game :'(


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I personally see no reason to buff this weapon, in my eyes it easily surpasses most weapons of its class with the stats I have as of now. With 66 str, 20 dex and 40 fth I get 813 AR with lightning blade. I didn't mind spending points on vitality since it boosts defence, so the weight never really bothered me. My two best weapons right now are the fume and lothric knight gs, due to the ridiculous AR when buffed, but the fume is still superior as of now.
You probably have crap vitality, crap vigor or endurance or you're level 140+ so...your example is false. The ONLY thing that's carrying this weapon is resins/bundles and the strike damage. It does need a base AR buff by around 20. The regular greatsword has 30+ more AR than this thing while weighing less...try justifying that.
because the great sword does more dmg, weights 5 less, is also buffable, and has a arguable better WA
Still one of my fave UGS for PvP. The movepool is fantastic, it has reach long enough to compete with (or flat out outclass) most spears, strike damage on every hit, and that hyperarmor... that hyperarmor has won me countless trades. Here's a tip for roll-catching: switch to one-handed. The reach on that horizontal sweep is insane. This, 40+ Poise, and a Parry Shield can pretty much hard-counter the entire meta.
How do u have 40+ poise with Fume at sl 120?
> - the DKS 2 players (and casuls too '><)